Cutting Corners

Since it is the season to be making presents, I thought I would write another how-to post. This one is about the different tools/methods one can use to round corners. These are the tools I use for cutting corners.

The punch is quick and handy, but can’t cut through more than a few pages. The circle cutter (from Windfire Designs) offers more size options in one tool, but involves hand cutting. What I actually used when I first started were coins. You can select the size of coin to get the curvature you want on the corner. I put a piece of painter’s tape on one side to prevent skidding. 

There are a number of tools that can be used to hand cut your corners. Blade options include swivel cutters (best for tight curves), box cutters, and scalpels. Or you can draw the curve with a pencil and cut it with a pair of scissors.

Using the corner punch is simple: insert your corner into the guide inside the punch and squeeze the handles together. Quick and easy. The limitation is that it only works on right angle corners.

Using a circle guide or coin is also easy, if slower. Place your chosen guide at the corner of the paper, and cut around it. I have actually gotten quite quick at this. Judging the placement gets faster with practice. An added advantage is that you can work with paper that has non-square corners.

What I would really like to own is one of these.


But what I actually made yesterday were some of these.

I found them on Pinterest, but decided to make my own version. Since I love stationary stores and hardware stores they seem an appropriate addition to small presents for Christmas.

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