Bonus Post: Manifold and the Women’s March

I like puzzles and I like origami, so I was intrigued when I discovered Manifold. Since there is a printable pdf with five of the puzzles, I went ahead and tried some out. (Note: the pdf is designed for A4 paper so rather than shrink to fit 8.5 x 11″ I printed on #20 legal —8.5 x 14″.)

The first two were easy. The third (Puzzle #10) was a little more complicated. I only finished the fourth (Puzzle #20) because I lost my internet connection and couldn’t post this. I will save the fifth puzzle for some other time.

If you like folding paper but would prefer something simpler and definitely more timely, Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord has posted a little booklet for the Women’s March on Washington. You can find the post (with a link to a downloadable pdf) here.

Finally, because people find it hard to believe it when I tell them what temperature it is where I live, some forecasts from Environment Canada.

Last week:

This week:

I suppose when you average out the extreme cold spell we had that ended last week —with wind chill factored, in several days hit temperatures below -40 (thats the same in F and C)— and the above freezing temperatures this week, we have had normal temperatures for the time of year.  ; ]


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5 Responses to Bonus Post: Manifold and the Women’s March

  1. lcmt says:

    I should not be astonished. I once looked for Saskatoon on a map. It was way north of North Dakota, and seemed half-way to the Arctic Circle. 🙂


    • Byopia Press says:

      It’s not quite that close, though it feels it sometimes. We’re in the northern part of the grain belt. Sometimes places farther north in the boreal forest are actually warmer in the winter. ; ]


  2. dinahmow says:

    Add 50 C and you’ll be close to my temp. Muggy, to boot!


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