Some Progress and Some Other Things

I have now completed fourteen out of sixteen map panels for the work I am tentatively calling Memory Maps.

They will be behind sixteen larger YUPO panels, still visible but not obvious. It is taking a while to do the pre-piercing of holes and the stitching as my hands start cramping up after a couple of hours.

I think I will soon need to replace the piece of foam core I use when piercing the holes!

I have been doing other things to give my hands a break, like knitting a shawl from some Tussah silk that I spun more than twenty years ago.

The photo is larger than life: the thread is somewhere between lace weight and sock weight. It has a lovely creamy colour, a slight slub (variation in thickness), and a soft sheen. It was lovely to spin and I am enjoying knitting it.

Thematically the shawl is a return to the quotation from the landlady of The Thwaite Arms in Horsehouse, Coverdale, North Yorkshire, UK: “I wrap the hills around me like a shawl.” My work In Winter was a previous exploration of her words. I wanted to do something that would show off the hand spinning and the natural beauty of the silk so the shawl is a simple shape (asymmetrical triangle) with a knitted-on collar (also an asymmetrical triangle) and partial knitted-on decorative borders consisting of small squares in two sizes. The entire piece is done in garter stitch so that both the colour and texture echo the fleece of sheep on the hillside and snow on ploughed furrows in the valley fields. The small squares of the border mimic the small square fields and the small square window panes of the buildings in the village where the pub is located. To further enhance the link with window panes I plan to steam press the squares which will flatten them and make them more light-reflective than the body of the shawl. The first picture below shows a test strip after ironing, the second shows the unblocked shawl with some of the knitted-on border squares.

David and I take turns cooking, and we have brunch on Sundays rather than breakfast. I usually make scones when it’s my turn. Since I don’t have a book project to offer this week and I haven’t posted a recipe for quite a while, here are my Sunday Scones. (My grandmother would have called them rich tea biscuits and used a glass to cut the flattened dough into circles.)

Please note: when adding fruit or cheese, it is easiest to mix with the dry ingredients before stirring in the milk/egg mixture. If using pesto (recipe here), mix it with the milk and egg before adding to the dry ingredients.

In book news:

Kansas City Public Library, Main Branch

It has been a terrible week for libraries.

If you live in the U.S.A. you might want to check out this information on the impact of the proposed federal budget cuts: everylibrary.

If you live in Saskatchewan, read this CBC story about the provincial budget cuts to libraries, then contact your MLA.

The Saskatchewan budget will raise the Provincial Sales Tax and add children’s clothing and footwear to the list of taxable goods. This will affect the poor disproportionately.

The Saskatchewan government is also shutting down the provincial bus service which would mean that some people would be cut off from access to life-sustaining and ongoing medical treatments such as dialysis. People could die.

I am thoroughly disgusted.


About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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8 Responses to Some Progress and Some Other Things

  1. dinahmow says:

    Hell! It sounds as though you’ve been Trumped.

    On a happier note – Your silky yarn looks lovely!


    • Byopia Press says:

      Too bad you can’t touch the silk: it feels wonderful. And yes, although our premier is not the Trumpster, his party is made up of the same kind of right wing ‘Christians’ who back the GOP. It is perhaps particularly grating in the province that originated universal health care in Canada.


  2. Robin says:

    The library budget cuts are going to run deep, over 58% budget loss without any consultation! Sharing this link to the public facebook group, Support Saskatchewan’s Libraries: (you can find lots of good info here, including help on writing letters and planned events).


  3. lcmt says:

    I am always sorry to discover that the bad stupid people are everywhere. Your scones look scrumptious. I love scones, although I like them best when someone else makes them for me. Did I tell you I made your speculaas? Twice, except both times I did not have all the ingredients, and one time I did not even have an oven. The recipe turned out to be quite adaptable, and without an oven I was able to make amazing fried crumbs in a skillet! They were lovely over vanilla ice cream.

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  5. Judith Hoffman says:

    That’s a new word to me – farls! My spellchecker does not like that. (-: I must try the scones. The recipe I have is very buttery, so I don’t make it often. It’s so nice to see all the work you get done. I am quite envious but also inspired. You must have regular studio hours. Although taking a break to knit is nice.


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