Box and Socks

It took a few more practice models along the way but the box for the little bottles is now designed, printed, and one copy completed.

The first job this week was developing the final design for the interior spacer. I made a sample with the watch design printed as a unit, but it looked odd when the spacer was folded, so I re-designed the layout with a strip of the watch image on the bottom of each section. This was much better.

Next I made a test model of the box with single sides, but it felt flimsy when picked up, so I did a new version with doubled sides. The pictures below show the double-sided version cut out and scored, then pre-folded.

I needed it to fit both the outer box and the inner spacer.

The box was a good fit. There was enough ease to permit sliding it in and out without resistance. Pulling on the end of the box distorted it, but a pull tab would solve that problem, so I went to the fabric store looking for a blue ribbon to match the paper. Nothing came even remotely close, but I found something better.

I don’t think it is really linen, though it looks and feels like it. The ribbon co-ordinates nicely with the outer and inner boxes both in texture and tone. It also unravels easily, but a coating of PVA/starch paste on one side fixed that. I cut a small slit in the end of the box, stapled the bit of ribbon to a small piece of the blue paper, then threaded the ribbon through the slit and glued the paper to the bottom inside of the box. The attachment is covered by the interior divider.

Now I just have to make 24 more. I am still working on the list of times. My childhood memories seem to be taking over, so perhaps the book will just be about growing up.

In other book arts news:

You may have already encountered the news that Erika Delbecque, conservation librarian at the University of Reading, discovered some loose pages from one of the earliest books printed by William Caxton. She must have been so excited! If you haven’t heard about it already, you can read more about the discovery here.

In knitting news:

The bright red shawl is finished, washed, and blocked. I plan to give it away this afternoon.

Knitting Tip: David suggested this system for keeping track of where I am in a charted pattern, and it works extremely well.

And, finally, the socks mentioned in the title:

A friend gave me these. I wore them to town this week. Several people commented on them when I was walking around, and no one tried to kill me while I was riding my bike, so they appear to be effective cycling safety socks.

They are even more vivid than the above image indicates.  ; ]



About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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