Still Sorting (but actually getting some work done)

The interminable process continues: I am working on clearing my work surfaces bit by bit. Things that are work-related but have no specific home in the house got piled on my two work benches while I was clearing other parts of the house. Now I am trying to find places to keep them —and hoping I will remember what I did with them when I want them later.


a pile of small cards with matching envelopes, made from my handmade paper,

and a box of discarded library file cards.

I have no specific plans for the former, but the latter are destined —Real Soon Now— to be turned into an edition of an alphabet book called L is for Library.

The calendars are all packed and addressed, but not sealed. The first overseas ones will be mailed this week, the U.S. ones the week after, then the Canadian ones a few days later.

I am actually getting some new work done as well. Back in January I mentioned that I was planning an edition of panel books for a local book swap. As part of the exchange, each participant is using a different book structure and providing instructions on how it is made. My post How To Make A Hedi Kyle Panel Book will be the basis for my set of instructions. I plan to include a printout of the sample pdf so that people can make a model as well as receiving a finished book.

I am finally working on the actual books (the deadline is January 2018) and have been selecting and playing with images.

(That last image is a close-up of a grid road map of Saskatchewan.)

I have also been sorting through papers thinking about another project.

In other book arts news:

David has been working on a kind of alphabet book. He has re-organized the herbs and spices in the upstairs pantry: more consistent storage containers, new labelling, and in alphabetical order. The job isn’t quite complete but the shelves are looking good.

For comparison purposes, here’s a ‘before’ picture.

In knitting news:

Another silk shawl: it’s a shallow crescent done in garter stitch with a lace border.

On the list of things I like about winter: frost patterns on windows.

Uh oh. I started thinking that perhaps the panel book should be based on frost pictures.



About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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3 Responses to Still Sorting (but actually getting some work done)

  1. ARTrivative says:

    You have such a gorgeous spice cabinet! #newlifegoals
    I have always wanted to make an envelope accordion book, do you have any ideas/plans for the envelopes? Did you make the colorful paper sheets and envelopes?


    • Byopia Press says:

      I don’t have any plans for the envelopes at the moment. If you are looking for ideas there is a really simple accordion book made from envelopes here.
      Yes, I made the handmade paper and matching card stock, used a template to hand cut each envelope, then glued them into shape. ; ]

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