Welcome to the Byopia Press 2017 Advent Calendar: Day One and a simple paper star

The first star for you to make is the simplest. I made the one above in 1971. It was all we could afford for our first Christmas tree. It was cut out of card stock, scored and folded, and painted with gold paint. It still goes on our tree every year.

I have made a printable pdf with an assortment of sizes of stars. You can download it here and print it on whatever card stock you have. I chose to print the samples on coloured stock, but white is fine too.

If you printed your stars on white stock, you could hand colour them at this point.

Choose which stars you want to make and score lines from each tip to the notch opposite.

Now cut out your star and fold it in half along each of the five score lines. If you want to make a hanging ornament, this is a good time to make two small holes in one of the points. With the star folded in half you only need to pierce once.

If you prefer star bunting, make a hole in the upper ‘arms’ of the star. Again, with the star folded in half you only have to pierce once to get the two holes.

To make your star into its final three dimensional form, you need to reverse the folds from the centre to the notch. Here are a couple of finished stars.

If you don’t yet know what your stars are for, you can always make them first and decide later. It is easy to go back, fold them in half, punch whatever hole you need, then re-shape them.

Here are some of my stars:

an ornament,

and some bunting.


This picture from Pinterest (which no longer links to anything or I would put a credit here) shows another option, combining flat and three dimensional stars. I think you would need a glue gun to make this.

If you want to have patterns on your stars, there’s a pdf here with three patterns.

Just print your pattern on one side of your card stock, and the star template on the reverse.

The patterns come from Mel McCarthy’s Flickr account, where you can find hundreds of downloadable colour/pattern combinations. She also has a website here.

Have fun! Tomorrow: an origami star and a little night music.

P.S. I’m not the only one planning an Advent calendar full of posts. Kaija of Paperiaarre will be posting daily too.







About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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