Byopia Press 2017 Advent Calendar: Day Fifteen and some knitted stars

Time to introduce a star for the knitters.

I found a free pattern on-line and tried it out. It was not a terrific success. After the third try I had something that looked like this.

Following the instructions as written, I kept ending on the wrong side of the bit I had just knit. You can see by the right hand portion that I worked out a solution.I re-wrote the pattern and now it works —at least for me! (You can download a pdf here.) There is no set gauge for this star: I knit the variegated sock yarn with 3.5 mm needles. Use a needle size appropriate for whatever yarn you are using.

If you haven’t done ‘pick up and knit’ before, here are some pictures to help clarify the process.

The last stitch from the cast off row is on the right hand needle. First stitch picked up is on the left one. (Note: I am picking up the stitch just in from the edge, not the stitch at the very edge).

Knit the stitch, then pick up the next.

Repeat this process, working your way down the side of the diamond until you have 9 stitches on the right needle.

The final stitch is picked up from the tip of the previous diamond. Knit that stitch.

You should now have 10 stitches on the right needle. Turn the knitting and repeat the pattern.

If you find picking up the last stitch difficult, you can knit an extra repeat of rows 1 and 2. The centre of your star will be a bit open but you can sew it tighter when you are doing the final seam.

I tried out some different yarns: the star at the top of this post was knit in mercerised cotton cord (3.5 mm needles) , the one below in cheap cotton from the dollar store (5 mm needles).

This one measured 9 inches tip to tip when I finished it, 8 inches after washing. It could be used as a trivet, or a fancy washcloth. I knit a matching pair in sock yarn which I plan to sew together and stuff (possibly adding a little catnip or honeysuckle) as a present for our Lovely Assistant Kemuri.

(Most helpful occupation for the assistant.)

There are lots of patterns for knitted stars available. Here are a few:

a holiday garland,

five and six point stuffables,

and this one for the knitters who like long term projects!




About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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