Byopia Press 2017 Advent Calendar: Day Nineteen and gift-wrapping stars

Time for a little rest and an easier day: no folding of complicated patterns! It’s getting close to both Solstice and Christmas and you may be thinking about wrapping presents.

For smaller gifts, you can print out some of my papers based on floor tile patterns.

You can find a set of six papers here.

Or you might want to wrap something in seasonal sheet music.

You can download that page here. For less specifically seasonal but still star-related sheet music there is this (To the Evening Star by Wagner).

You might want to check out other printable papers on-line. This design came from Canon Creative Park.

There may still be some hardy souls who want to do the full DIY thing and make their own wrapping papers. (Do you really have that much time? I am impressed!)

Over the years I have collected star things: punches, cutters, etc.

I own a star embosser and a punch purchased at a dollar store,

and an embossing roller (which presumably was on sale at a reduced price because it really doesn’t work as nicely as one might hope, but it still makes stars).

I also have adhesive-backed stars saved from my mom’s desk a number of years ago. It’s not really a surprise that a former teacher would have a collection of stars!

As well as the usual coloured five point stars, she had some legal seals which I presume were saved for exceptional work!

If you have not inherited a collection of sticky stars to decorate your gifts, there are alternatives. You can do potato print wrapping paper, or make your own stamps and stencils. Dollar stores and craft stores sometimes have bags full of foam stars like these.

With a little glue and an appropriate dowel you can make a usable stamp. (The ink pad came from the dollar store.)

Or you can make a printing block from foam stars and cardboard, and ink it with water-soluble block printing ink or acrylic paint.

I used gold block printing ink, but applied it with a brush. You could use acrylic paint the same way. If you can’t find pre-cut foam stars, you can cut your own from the styrofoam  trays used by butchers and grocery stores for packing meat.

Stenciling is even easier. Cut your own stencils using the star page here as a guide. You can use cardstock for the stencil if you don’t have mylar. Designs can be stencilled with a brush or you can just draw outlines of stars with a metallic felt pen. (I found gold and silver pens at the dollar store.)

To seal your packages, you can get clear circular labels at a stationary store and decorate them. The ones below have quickly hand-drawn stars, done with the same dollar store gold pen used for the outlined stars above.

Finally, you can make star-shaped gift tags to match your wrappings. Just cut out stars  from the star label pdf here.

The reverse side of the page can be printed with a design before cutting, or individual tags may be hand decorated after cutting.



About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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