Bonus Post: Pi Day 2018

Beauty in Numbers: Pi/3.14 is a lovely animation of π. Here’s the description that accompanies the video on Vimeo:

Beauty In Numbers is an animated film exploring the mysteries of the endless number pi. Using mathematical concepts as inspiration, the film takes the viewer on a mathematical journey showing where the infamous number appears in nature.

The soundtrack is composed by Jim Zamerski, and is based on the number pi in a base 12 system. Listen to more of his music here:



Have a happy Pi Day!

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I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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2 Responses to Bonus Post: Pi Day 2018

  1. lcmt says:

    Because this film showed the solar system orbits as circular (instead of elliptical as they actually are) I had to google to make sure that pi was still useful for calculating the perimeter of an ellipse. And it is. Whew. I’m glad the notion that pi is everywhere in the universe is still essentially true. 😀

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    • Byopia Press says:

      I take no responsibility for inaccurate math in animations. ; ]

      Animators are not always mathematically accurate. I would re-affirm the use of pi for calculating things, especially circular and elliptical! And it was pi day this week after all!


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