Little Star Books 3

Today’s post features the third and final little star book for you to make. It’s the one at the bottom of the picture below, and is a variation of the one I posted as one of my star posts for Advent 2017. That one was made from a circle. Today’s star book is folded from a square, then has the corners trimmed.

If you want to work from the crease pattern, you will find it here. Today’s book is the third one on the pdf.

You will need five identical squares of paper, a piece of card stock cut to the same size as the paper squares, some ribbon, and a bead.

Start with one square of paper.

Fold in half by bringing the bottom edge up to match the top edge. Repeat with the other four squares. Using one of your folded pages as a guide, make a pencil mark to indicate the middle of the folded edge on another folded page. (The pencil mark will be hidden when the book is assembled.) Mark all five pages to indicate the middle of the fold.

Take one of your marked pages and fold the sides in to the middle mark. Repeat with the rest of the pages.

Fold the bottom edge of each side out to match the outer edges. Repeat for all pages.

Open each page flat and trim off all four outer corners between the angled folds and the vertical folds. The first cut is indicated in the picture below.

All your pages should now be octagonal. To fold each page closed you will need to bring the top and bottom edges together while folding in the sides. (The horizontal fold in the image below will become the spine fold when the book is assembled.) To achieve the small points in the middle of the folded page, you will need to reverse the folds indicated by the pink pointy fingers.

Your folded page should look like this

Fold the other four pages the same way. Assemble the book following the assembly instructions given here. Because the folded pages are square, you will need to make sure that all your pages are facing the same way! You can use the pencil marks you made earlier to help you centre the ribbon. Covers can be made from the card stock by cutting it in quarters, giving you covers for two books.

Your finished book should look like the pictures below.

The disadvantage of this book is that you end up with quite small page surfaces, and the upper and lower flaps need to be manually lifted to expose the full page surface. The advantages of this model are that at least some of the surfaces are square, which can make it easier to add content, and that the opened book is very ‘starry’.

If you would like to make a fourth little star book, you can find the instructions for the circular model here.

In non-book but word-related news:

I mentioned a while ago that I missed the opening for Monique Martin’s show Paraph. (You can see pictures here.) David and I did make it to the artist’s talk, and while the food was not as fancy as at the opening, the talk came with a different bonus: a live performance of a song inspired by the letter theme of the exhibition, co-written by Monique and Carla Carignan. You can listen to Your Heart to Mine here.

In knitting news:

I had been working on a sweater based on this pattern.

Things were zipping along and I had knit the two main parts of the body, including the neck decreases. Well, not quite: I knit the left half of the body twice. Here’s one of them.

I will have to rip back to the start of the neck decreases on one of them and do it over so that I have both a left and a right half. Frustrating. (In fact, I will likely rip the neck decreases back on both of them as I think the angle needs to be shallower.)

It is also getting warmer in the evening, so that sitting with a pile of wool in my lap is not as pleasurable as it was in the winter. As a break from the problem piece and the warmth, I have been knitting a summer sweater in black cotton. The lace pattern is my adaptation of this pattern.

Here’s a shot of the work in progress (toes for scale):

There are more signs of Spring:

The first Dandelion.

Swelling lilac buds.

David preparing the vegetable garden for planting.

The enormous fence is to prevent sharing vegetables with the local deer population. (It’s bad enough that we have been feeding them sunflower seeds from the bird feeder all winter.)


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  1. Thank you, Cathryn for the info on how to make those little star books. Great idea!


  2. Nikki Thompson says:

    Beautiful book!


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