Lots and Lots of Little Squares

Work continued all week on the wall piece. For those who missed the earlier description, the work commemorates my second decade and some of my most formative years. I am tentatively calling it Moody Blues. I began the week doing tests to get exact measurements for the connecting units.

Since I am using several different weights of paper, including some old moon calendars,  I folded a number of test units.

Once I had the size confirmed, I made a template from book board. This will be used to set the Kutrimmer (board/paper shear) as I am cutting in several batches, which will involve re-setting the guide. I can put the template against the closed blade, then snug the guide up to it. There is an x in each of the two corners that indicates the template’s position at the junction of the fixed guide and the moveable one.

I made another template so that I could mark the centre line of each piece as a folding guide. You can see the faint pencil line below on the back of one of the units before folding.

I cut and folded all the moon calendar connectors. Here’s a picture of a few of them.

I did the layout for the printed connectors. Here are some of the text and music ones.

I printed all the sheets, then let them dry for 24 hours to make sure the pigment had dried/set completely, then cut two sides of each square by hand.

The piece will also have some connecting units made from Thai mulberry paper. Although the sheets are strong and take nice, crisp folds, I was concerned that the paper might not be sturdy enough in a construction that is meant to hang on the wall. I backed the Thai paper with cheaper Chinese mulberry paper. (This meant I also had to make a new batch of wheat starch paste/PVA mix to do the backing.)

Tomorrow I will finish the cutting of the connectors and begin folding them all. After that I just have to make the 100 central locking units and assemble the piece. Easy peasy.   ; ]

In knitting news:

I finished and blocked the green noil silk shawl I had worked on while we were in England. It’s big! I’m glad I went for the larger size. The shawl feels wonderful on, and is surprisingly warm. (The outside temperature was a balmy 2.9°C when David was taking my picture.)

I have begun knitting the dark brown Herdwick wool I bought at the end of our trip.

I picked this pattern —Rosemont by Hannah Fettig— but will have to adapt it, of course. (I had already decided to add a bit of taper at the sides. There is a bit of taper to the front edges already. I may also make the collar/front band a bit wider.) Not only is the yarn I am using a slightly heavier weight than the yarn in the original pattern, it has a fairly high twist-per-inch, so knits up too stiffly if I produce anything close to the stitch count called for. However, it is a top-down pattern and I can adjust to fit me as I go along. I have begun with the stitch count for the smallest size and we shall see how that works out!


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I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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