Byopia Press 2018 Advent Calendar: Day Sixteen and Another Six-Pocket Insert

Today’s insert has the same number of pockets as the one I showed you yesterday, but they are arranged differently. Since some of the pockets are on the outside, it may not be suitable as an outside cover, but it can be added anywhere inside a book: sewn in as a single signature, or added on either the outside or inside of a signature.

You will need a sheet of paper four times as wide and twice as high as a single page in your book. The image below shows a sheet with a book block on top to illustrate proportions. The sheet has been folded in half twice, first vertically, then horizontally —the horizontal fold is at the bottom, indicated by the yellow pointy finger. The vertical fold is at the left, under the book block. (This is not a step. The instructions begin below the image.)

With your paper opened flat and oriented so that it is wider than it is tall, fold it in half vertically, then open flat. Fold it in half horizontally and open flat again. Score a line half a page width to the left of the central vertical crease. If your page is 10 cm (4″) wide, your scoring line will be 5 cm (2″) to the left of the centre crease.

Folding along the score line (green pointy finger in the image above), bring the left edge of your paper over and to the right.

Fold the top layer back and to the left. This new fold should be just shy of and to the left of the central vertical fold.

Repeat the last two steps on the right side of your paper. You should have something that looks like the picture below.

Fold the bottom edge up to the top. You should have a pocket on either side of your central vertical fold.

Turn in the upper corners of those pockets.

Turn the upper corners of the next layer of paper back and down. You can pre-score these folds using the angled sides of the first pockets as guides.

Turn the top corners of the final layer forward and down. The folds should match the folds you made on the layer above.

Fold in half along the vertical centre crease and your pocket insert is complete.

Tomorrow I will show you three different map folds. While not enclosures in the strictest sense, they provide a method for including a large piece of paper within a smaller book.




About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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