A Celebratory Paper Toy

Sometime last Sunday afternoon, this blog reached 100,000 views. While that may not be an impressive number to some, it was quite exciting for me. In celebration, I decided to give away one of the paper toys I designed last year. I chose this one because it once again seemed timely.

The first step is to download and print the Trunocchio pdf. Use at least 176 gsm (65#) card stock. You can use any of the tools pictured below to cut out the parts after scoring. I used a combination.

When I sent this toy off for an exhibition in Montréal, I also prepared instructions in pictorial form to be included in the display. Here they are. You can use them as a supplement to the written instructions on your printed card.

In case you find it difficult to keep track of the steps once you have cut out the parts, here they are reprinted.


Score all dashed lines. Cut out Front Panel, Back Panel, and Brace.

Glue the top section (above the scored line, marked with an x) of the Back Panel to the back of the Front Panel.

Pierce a hole at each end of black line on nose on the Front   Panel and cut a slit through both layers. Slit should accommodate the double thickness of Nose Support.

(See below.)

Fold back the lower portion of the Back Panel. Fold down flaps A and B on Brace. Glue flap A to gray area A on Back Panel. Glue flap B to equivalent area on back of Front Panel.

Cut out Nose, Nose Support, and Guard.

Fold Nose Support lengthwise, white sides in, then fold back left end corners along the diagonal score lines. Glue the long sections of the Nose Support together. Slide Nose Support through nose slit so that the arrow shape is in front of the face with the point down.

Glue cut-out Nose to arrow surface to match nose position on face. Trim off small white corners of arrow that show on either side of the Nose. Fold Guard and glue to back end of Nose Support.

TRUNOCCHIO may be made to rock back and forth by tapping either of the ends projecting from the Brace to set him in motion.

Sliding the Nose Support forwards or backwards adjusts nose length to reflect the most recent prevarication.

If you don’t live in Canada and you would prefer to make a version that is more suitable to your location, find a full-face image (or close to it) of the person you wish to portray, scale it down to match the paper toy, then cut it out and glue it over the face already on the paper toy. (You will need two copies of the image: one for the full face and one from which to cut the nose.)

Have fun!

In book arts news:

Apparently there is a new tagging game going around the internet. If tagged one is supposed to post images of book covers (the number varies in the versions I encountered) with no explanation, and tag others to do the same. The Public Domain Review didn’t wait to be tagged. They just posted some of their favourites.

You can check out their selection here. If you would like to see more similar covers, try doing a Pinterest search for ‘antique book covers’.

WeTransfer publishes a regular newsletter called WePresent. The recent issue included an article on Paula Scher. Scher is a partner at the Pentagram collective, but the article is not about the design work for which Scher and the collective are famous. Instead, the piece is about what Scher creates in her spare time.

If you would like to see more of Scher’s artwork, check out the article “There’s always a part where I think I have made a terrible mistake.

Don’t forget to check out Su Blackwell’s Kickstarter project. I would really like this one to be successful!  If you don’t wish to support the project personally, please pass on the link to anyone you know who might.  ; ]

About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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2 Responses to A Celebratory Paper Toy

  1. leilacharles says:

    Cathryn, I don’t know if you want an email to put my name in the draw for the toy. If so, please put mine in! Thanks!

    Leila Olfert


    • Byopia Press says:

      Hi Leila,

      It’s not a draw. ; ] What I am giving away is the printable page with instructions so that you can make your own. You can download a printable pdf by clicking on the link that says Trunocchio pdf just below the first image. Then just follow the instructions. Have fun!


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