Making A Moon Phases Calendar

I returned last night (rather later than the airline predicted) from my trip to Toronto, so it will be a short post today. The trip had several highlights including seeing Impulso by the Esmerelda Enrique Spanish Dance Company. Since you likely won’t make it to the final performance this afternoon, you might watch a short video of the company here. Another highlight was a visit to the Aga Khan Museum to see The Moon. The staff at the museum are consistently helpful and pleasant, and their attitude to children is exceptional. They seem to genuinely like children and want them in the building. Programming that provides engaging activities is always included. I participated in one of the children’s projects this time, since it involved a bit of paper engineering.

I finished a copy of the moon phases chart for my sister, and brought home a set of sheets to make my own copy. A finished one looks like this.

If you want to make one for yourself, you can find the printable pages and complete instructions on the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories website. It only takes a few minutes to put together. I would recommend printing on card stock rather than paper to make your calculator sturdier.

If you would like to find out more about The Moon or about the Aga Khan Museum, check out their website.

In knitting news:

I took knitting with me on my trip to Toronto. I find it helps to have something to do while waiting or spending long periods on airplanes. I was in the middle seat on two of my flights which appears to have affected my tension. The surprising thing is that the in-flight knitting is looser.

I may just rip the shawl out and start over. At least I had something to keep me occupied while travelling!


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    (sorry for all the shouting. I got excited)
    Heading over to download now. TY!!


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