Road Trip (with knitting)

Early this week I finally put together my ‘good’ copy of the Magic Wallet.

It is much more effective now that both sides of the wallet are the same. The cover is a French marbled paper.

You can find the instructions for making your own here.

I also backed and paste-decorated some more dictionary pages.

I back paper on sheets of acrylic, so part of the process is cleaning the acrylic after removing the dried papers.

It’s a job I would happily hand over to an apprentice!

The exciting part of this week is the road trips. (I am, of course, knitting in the car.) Yesterday we went to the Grand Opening of Midknit Cravings in Watrous, Saskatchewan (more on that later), and then to one of the last performances of With Glowing Hearts at Dancing Sky Theatre in Meacham, Saskatchewan.

Unfortunately it is too late for you to get tickets to see the play, as it is a wonderful production of a great story. David and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It really should be a touring show so that more people could have the pleasure of seeing it.

You can follow what’s going on at Dancing Sky Theatre on Instagram.                                     If you would like to read the play, you can purchase a copy here.

This afternoon we will be driving back to Meacham for the opening of Poses at the Hand Wave Gallery.

This show is on for a while so if you are in the neighbourhood you might want to stop by. Gallery hours are 1 pm–6 pm, Friday to Monday, May 1 – September 30. I will try to take some pictures to show you next week.

In knitting news:

I completely frogged the grey silk shawl that I had knit on my travels to Toronto and back. I started over and have now re-knit it to about where I was when I returned home. It’s not very exciting, so I will wait until it is further along (or completed) before posting pictures.

I had almost finished a white cotton shawl before leaving on my trip to Toronto. I finished it and then dyed it. Here’s a peek at the pattern.

The pattern looks a bit skewed because I blocked the shawl wider than it is deep, which looks fine when I am wearing it, but a little odd in the photo. The cotton really shows off the three-dimensional quality of the knitting.

We made it to the Midknit Cravings Grand Opening yesterday!

Although I still have lots of yarn left from my days as a weaver, I succumbed and purchased two colours of lovely tonal yarn. (I bought more than is shown below.)

When I found there was an opening day discount, I treated myself to a pack of mini skeins.

I am glad we got there early, as apparently there was a larger turnout than expected. There were still lots of colours to choose from when we arrived. If you are interested in Midknit Cravings yarn, they also sell online. You can find them here.

Some scenery to finish off:

These two images were taken from the spot where we had our picnic lunch at the northern edge of Meacham yesterday. (We ate in the car as it was a little chilly for sitting outside.)

Not completely flat.

The final image is one David took of the approaching thunderstorm earlier in the week. It was taken on the road that fronts our property, looking west.

We got a small amount of rain and some hail, but we still need more moisture. You can see by comparing this picture with the Meacham ones, that we are a bit farther ahead with spring than the area east of Saskatoon, but spring is late everywhere.


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