Working in Squares

The square is the recurring design unit for all the planned works for my solo exhibition in 2020. I made some test units this week from some of the dictionary pages I have backed and coloured.

Interestingly, the breakage along some of the folds isn’t the starch paste/acrylic paint coating, but the dictionary paper separating into layers. I have decided that this is a feature rather than a bug. The next colour to be applied will beΩ purple. There will be more pictures next week.

I also finished the sealing of the wood blocks this week. The end grain got two coats.

The next step will be to cover them with some of my black and white or black and gold Japanese papers.

I may work straight through to the completion of this set since the preparation of materials I have been doing is fairly tedious, and leaves me feeling like I am not making much progress. It would be nice to finish something for a change.

I also began another round of #guylainelab. On Wednesday we were assigned the task of making rubbings of natural surfaces using assorted papers and different pencils, crayons, etcetera. These are my two favourites so far:

from the trunk of a dead weeping birch (which had been heavily scarred by sapsuckers), 2B pencil on washi

and from a split log, crayon on old computer tractor paper.

On Wednesday we will be told what the next step is to be.

I am also starting another project: Hand Wave Gallery has a group exhibition by member artists every year. The exhibitions always have a theme of some sort.

I thought I would play with a little papiér maché sculpting for this one, and have started collecting materials for the armatures.

This means I will be able to rotate through waiting for Japanese paper to dry on blocks and waiting for paste decorated dictionary pages to dry on acrylic sheets and waiting for papiér maché to dry on small sculptures.

In knitting news:

It is still cool enough to wear sweaters in the house for much of the day. This week it has mostly been my grey bolero.

I gave the soft green silk shawl that I started on my trip to England last fall to my sister when I visited her in Toronto recently.

I have been knitting a grey one for myself: not the same pattern, but I plan to make it a similar size. Here’s a peek at my progress so far.

I haven’t figured out the pattern for the border yet. I will be doing that some time in the next few days.

In other book news:

If you are interested in ‘commonplace books’, and their history, there is a recent article on the Public Domain Review that you might want to read.

You will find the article here.

If you are on Instagram and would like to follow my progress on works for my solo exhibition but aren’t interested in extraneous images of my Lovely Assistant Kemuri, or my Sunday scones, or pictures of flowers, you can follow #squaredanceyxe which is just images of show preparation.


About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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