July Was Map Month

On June 16 Dinahmow posted a call for people to post maps on their blog in July and leave a link in her comments. Somehow I missed the fact that last Sunday was the last Sunday in July (too busy? getting old and forgetful?), so I am posting about my map a little late.

I have loved maps since I was a child when I spent many hours pouring over the family atlas. My father taught me to read road maps, and I was ‘navigator’ on road trips from about the age of seven. That interest has continued, as evidenced by a picture of one of our bookshelves.

Long-time readers will already know that I have used maps in earlier artist’s books, and done individual maps for special projects like World Book Night 2019.

I thought about different kinds of maps for a while before I came up with a plan: I would map the various indoor sleeping locations of my Lovely Assistant Kemuri.

I started with a survey map of our property.

David and I have added some supplementary information, but the useful part was the detail drawing of our house. The Lovely Assistant only sleeps on the main floor, so I had to re-draught the floor outline. Initially I had grandiose plans for colour-coded elevations and actual cat outlines in different sleeping positions. I even thought about trying to include frequency information, but quickly lost track of that.

Here is the finished map showing where Kemuri sleeps on the main floor of the house, with the elevation measurement (from floor level) for each location.

If you are the kind of person who collects maps, you can print out a copy of the Nap Map.

As a bonus, here is David’s map of this year’s garden.

Since maps are not always about ‘real’ places, here’s a second bonus: a partial re-post from 2014 about Jerry’s Map.

Cartographers spend their working life committed to recording the details of our world. Every once in a while someone shows the same level of diligence in recording an entirely imaginary place. Welcome to Jerry’s World. He describes it on his website:

In the summer of 1963 I began drawing a map of an imaginary city. The work started as a doodle done in the spare time I had while working at a tedious job. I continued to add to that map through the years until, in 1983, I set it aside to put my free time to other use. The Map was stored in the attic of our home in Cold Spring, New York. It gathered dust. My son, Henry, found it one day while rummaging around. He brought it down to me and asked what it was. Seeing it then triggered me to dust it off and continue the project. It now comprises over 3100 individual eight by ten inch panels. Its execution, in acrylic, marker, colored pencil, ink, collage, and inkjet print on heavy paper, is dictated by the interplay between an elaborate set of rules and randomly generated instructions.       


In other news:

Work on various things continues, but the primary ongoing activity is folding menkos for three of the planned works for my Square Dance exhibition next fall.

Here are the cut strips I prepared for folding last night,

and here’s yesterday’s photo of the almost full shoe box.

After last night’s folding session, the box is full. The next step is to count the contents and do some calculations about how many more are needed.

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I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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5 Responses to July Was Map Month

  1. dinahmow says:

    Oh! Well done! Mapping the cats’ nap spots would never have occurred to me. (Well, they have free run of the place…)
    I did make a map of the gardens for the buyers of our former home, but I have no idea whether they used it.
    Thanks for playing .


  2. jan says:

    i have always loved maps. I still do. My kids laugh because I hate using google maps and tend towards paper maps, which have become harder to find. I’ve saved some from trips where I’ve highlighted and marked special locations…lovely to look back on, almost like a trip diary lol


  3. Scarlet says:

    Could those cat nap places double up as heat spots in your house, thus doubling the meaning of the map?


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