I’ve Looked At Clouds

I have a number of cloud-related memories. Here are a couple.

When I was seven or eight I discovered that rain clouds have edges. (I grew up in urban environments where one only sees a small bit of the sky at a time.) I was sitting on the front steps of our duplex in N.D.G., Montréal, and watching it rain across the street while I sat in sunshine.

In 1966 I saw Joni Mitchell perform Both Sides Now at The Fourth Dimension in Winnipeg. (I thought at the time that she was amazing but should probably ditch Chuck if she wanted to succeed.)

This summer has been a remarkable one for clouds so, beginning almost a month ago, I have been photographing the northern sky every day. It is the section of sky I see from the kitchen window, but I go outside and stand in the same spot to take the picture. All the photos are taken between noon and 2 PM so that the lighting is relatively consistent.

Some sample images:

There have been two days with no clouds at all.

I missed one day because it poured with rain all day long.

One of the themes I am exploring in the works I am creating for my Square Dance exhibition at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery in September 2020 is memory. Memories are layered, and clouds are often layered as well. My intention is to create a wall piece/paper quilt using multiple images to create a layered effect. It will look something like this.

(This is not the finished layout for the piece, just a quickly assembled indication of how I plan to use multiple images.)

Rather than the interlocking structure I have used in some recent paper quilts, I plan to use a variation on another structure I came up with — the one that turned out to also be The Shrigley Binding. The base layer of the piece would consist of units like this, sewn together through the folds.

The images will be tucked into the corner pockets. Here are two attached units with the top layer in place. The yellow paper is where the image would be.

There are still quite a few days left in the summer, but I will soon have to decide if I want to limit image collection to one month’s duration.

I mailed off my contribution to the collaborative collation of book arts initiated by @aestusbookarts. Here’s a peek at one of the other contributions.

When all the parts are assembled they will be packed in these lovely little cases.

I will pass on more news after the end of August.

In other book arts news:

You can get a discount on the upcoming Artist’s Book Yearbook 2020-2021 by placing a pre-publication order.

You can pre-order here.

In knitting news:

The green cotton scarf is now washed and blocked and I am part way through a bright blue one —same yarn, same pattern, different colour.

About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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