Byopia Press Advent Calendar 2019: Day Twenty-three and Some Modular Stars

If you have both the time and the ambition, you might want to tackle today’s star. It is a cut-and-fold design inspired by the modular origami of Tomoko Fuse. The completed star measures about 23 cm/9 in high by 24 cm/9.5 in wide.

The first step is to download and print Byopia Press Five Point Modular Star. Since you are making templates, you will need to print on card stock.

Carefully cut out the three units on the black outlines. Ignore the dashed lines for now: they are indicators of where you need to fold the individual units after tracing them on paper and cutting them out.

Trace and cut out five Base pieces, five Connector pieces, and ten Lock pieces. I used fairly heavy paper for all the parts —about 129 gsm/80# text equivalent— but you can use different weights for the different parts. The Base units should be cut from something sturdy, even a lightweight card stock, while the other parts can be made from lighter weight papers.

Fold all the pieces as indicated on the templates. If you are unclear about some of the folds, read this post.

Do not butt the edges where they meet when each unit is folded. You need a little slack to make assembly easier.

The rectangular pieces are assembled in pairs like the unit below. (Full instructions may be found in this post.)

If you want to save on decorative papers, you can cut five of the lock pieces from plain paper. When used for the backs of the locks, the plain paper does not show in the finished star.

The following instructions are from the post A Clear Midnight but they show the steps in attaching the connectors to the base units.

Open a base unit flat and lay the tip of a connector over the bottom corner fold as shown below.

Re-fold the base unit with the tip of the connector inside the fold.

I find it easiest to assemble the star sequentially. Begin by attaching three base units with two connectors.

Slide the lower base unit/connector points into the spaces in the lower edges of the lock unit.

To secure the lock unit in place, pull the upper triangles of the base unit out to the sides and tuck them into the upper openings of the lock unit.

Work your way around the star.

Attach the last lock unit the way you did all the others, and your star is complete.

If you want to make a six point star, you can download A Clear Midnight and print out the templates on page three.

Or you could make A Clear Midnight, which is both a six point star and a DIY artist’s book

Finally, if you want to make a modular five point star, but find the idea of one with five parts more attractive than one with twenty parts, you could make this one instead.

About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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