Byopia Press Advent Calendar 2020: Day Fourteen and some 3D Ornaments

We were given these paper angels by one of David’s brothers more than thirty years ago. The ornament was made by stitching together two pieces of paper, folding the ‘pages’ along the stitching line, and then cutting through all four layers of paper.

Today’s post has instructions for making a star using the same structure.

If you still have your template from making the stars on Days One and Six, you are ready to go. If not download and print Interlace Stars, then cut out one of the template stars. I had some shiny paper scraps left over from another project so I used them. The star ornament will work best with a paper weighing at least 90 gsm/24 lb. Lay the template on your selected paper and trace around the edge. You can use a pencil, but I prefer a scoring tool as I don’t have to worry about leaving pencil marks on the finished star.

Cut out two stars.

Carefully fold each star in half vertically.

Stack the two stars with the folds aligned. Pierce a set of holes along the fold line. I made mine about 1.25 cm/0.5 in apart.

Cut a length of string or thread about 28 cm/11 in long and sew it through the holes, working from top to bottom. After doing your running stitch, adjust the thread so that the middle of the thread is at the bottom of your star.

Sew back up to the top of the star. Tie an overhand knot at the top of the star and another near the end of the threads. Trim the ends.

Spread the star by folding it and unfolding it in alternate directions.

David thinks a star should have pointy ends. If you feel the same way, you might want to download the Simple star template and use one of those stars as your pattern.

If you would rather make snowflakes, download and print the Snowflake Template.

I would recommend using lighter paper for this —75 gsm/20 lb or 90 gsm/ 24 lb— since you will be cutting through several layers at once.

Cut the snowflake templates apart along the solid lines. Choose a pattern and cut one or two pieces of paper to match. (You can make either a four-armed or six-armed structure.) Stack your paper, pierce sewing holes, then sew the pages together. Do not extend the sewing right to the bottom and do not tie your overhand knot at the top. These areas need to be kept clear for cutting. Fold your paper stack in half along the dotted line with the print side out. Cut out your snowflake following the template. Now tie your overhand knots as you did with the star. Open out your snowflake and hang it so that the print side is hidden at the back.

If you want to hang your snowflake so it can be viewed from all sides, print out the pdf on card stock, cut out a pattern, and use it as a template as you did with the star.

If you would rather make a snowflake that is glued together like the one below, you can find instructions here.

You can, of course, sew your ‘pages’ together and draw your own design —perhaps some dancing angels?


About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004.
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