Mixed Messages I Completed

The Mixed Messages I series of hand-coloured prints is now complete. The print shown immediately below is 5/9, so they are slightly out of order. (Print 6/9 was shown at the end of last Sunday’s post.)

I have been posting one a day (with a few interruptions) on Instagram, so by next Thursday you will be able to see them all together on my Instagram profile page.

Here are the final three.

After doing all the colouring, I trimmed the edges of the nine prints.

As the last step I added the titles, numbers, my initials, and the date.

The prints are now in a drawer in my metal map case awaiting an exhibition opportunity!

This week I also completed the design for the next series of prints called, not surprisingly, Mixed Messages III.

I didn’t create a book for last month’s areyoubookenough challenge, Open. It wasn’t for lack of ideas. I found that hosting the group took up most of the time I might have spent on making something! I have begun thinking about this month’s theme.

So far I have come up with fairy rings, “Ring around a Rosey”, ring around the moon, “One Ring that binds them”, “Ring out wild bells”, and onion rings.

Still thinking.

In other book arts news:

This might be of particular interest to book artists:

In this virtual workshop, build a book to serve as a library of low-tech methods for adding text and imagery to your book work. Learn low-tech methods for adding text to book pages, creative ways to attach images to book pages, and how to assemble the book structure which will resemble an album.

You will find more information and a registration link here.


The John Neal list of online calligraphy classes has been updated again. Check here.

The Letterform Archive is offering regular virtual tours of its resources. (This is free for members. I highly recommend taking out a membership.) You can find more information on their website. (You will need to scroll partway down the Visit page.)

In other news:

We have been having a glorious fall for colour. (Read ‘drought’, but that’s another story.) We do get some bright reds —chokecherry, wild rose, Virginia Creeper, Red Osier Dogwood, and lilacs all have leaves that turn shades of red— but a Saskatchewan autumn comes mostly in blue and bright gold.

To close this post here’s David’s photo of the two cottonwoods guarding our winter road.

About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than twenty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004. I also create prints and drawings that are frequently text-inspired or text-based.
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  1. barleybooks says:

    “Ring the bells that still can ring “?


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