Friday Night Flicks: Jennifer Kamenetz, Jewish Scribe

Although they are uncommon, tonight’s post features two female Jewish scribes. The first flick is simply a record of Jennifer Kamenetz carefully writing the phrase “the children of Israel” in Hebrew.



The second video is longer —9 minutes— than I usually post for Friday Night Flicks, and is an interview with scribe Julie Seltzer about her training and her work. You can find it here if you want to watch it this weekend.

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The Girl in the Golden Atom

It has been another week of playing with menko. I completed The Girl in the Golden Atom.

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Friday Night Flicks: Seyit Uygur

Last week’s Friday Night Flick featured the art of Suminagashi. This week’s flick takes a look at the art of Ebru. The footage of Seyit Uygur at work was shot and edited by the marbler’s son, Oguz Uygur.



If you would like to learn more about ebru, you could check out Art of Ebru this weekend.

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Keeping On Keeping On

I am making progress, though slowly.

The Girl in the Golden Atom is now in its final stage, but a number of processes were required to get this far. I finished folding the spacer menko, and inserted them in the correct places in the layout.

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Friday Night Flicks: Suminagashi

Suminigashi (“floating ink”) is a Japanese form of paper marbling. There are quite a few videos of the process on the internet, but tonight’s flick by Tetsuhiro Koyanagi shows suminigashi from a different point of view. The artist works in a glass vat and the entire procedure is shot from below.



If you want to learn more about suminagashi this weekend, you can watch a detailed twenty minute instruction video here.

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The Conundrum Completed

This past week I finished the layout of The Conundrum of the Workshops, and then strung it all together. Here’s a slightly distorted aerial view of it on my worktable.

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Friday Night Flicks: Worker Series #1 Craig Frazier – Illustrator and Storyteller

Tonight’s flick features yet another artist who uses a scalpel as one of his tools: internationally recognized illustrator Craig Frazier. In the video Frazier talks a little about his approach to telling stories.



Do try to spend a few minutes this weekend looking at more of Frazier’s work on his website, or watching a second video giving further insight into his creative process.

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Moving Menko

It has been a fairly busy week. I finished sorting the two-inch menko, though they will likely be re-sorted in the future for a second piece.

Some of the piles are single colour combinations.

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Friday Night Flicks: Papercut: ilustrando con capas de papel – Un curso de José Antonio Roda

Last week’s flick included a book artist who does papercut illustration: Andrea Dezsö. Tonight’s flick features an illustrator, José Antonio Roda, who also works with papercuts. Working under the single name ‘Roda’, his illustrations often appear on non-paper surfaces such as textiles, ceramics, and wood.

The video is entirely in Spanish, but I think you will enjoy the images even if you don’t understand the language.



This weekend you could check out Roda’s website here or start following him on Instagram here.

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March Fourteenth, Twenty Fifteen

I think that’s the title of the menko piece I have been working on. (I am sure some of you will guess why. If you do, please don’t go blurting it out until after the show opens in September 2020.)

The process for assembly was simple, repetitive, and just a bit tedious.

Menko to be added were laid out in a line, following my ‘code sheet’. Continue reading

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