Friday Night Flicks: Paper World, Paper City

Increasingly, the amazing paper animations that one sees involve no actual paper at all. Paper World, a graduation film from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) produced in 2013, is a lovely example.



If you’d like to learn more about the process, here’s a ‘making of ‘ video.



And in case you have some extra time to spend staring at things on your computer screen this weekend, here’s another short (non)paper animation, Paper City by Maciek Janicki.


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A Blaze of Glory

In 2013 I had an exhibition of installation works —Word View— at the Affinity Gallery in Saskatoon. One of the works was titled Flowery Language and consisted of the definition pages from a two volume set of the World Book Encyclopaedia Dictionary cut, folded, and assembled into flowers, plus the coloured introductory pages cut into leaves. The piece was installed by gluing the parts to plinths with starch paste.

At the end of the show the work had to be removed from the plinths. Rather than throwing all those hours of cutting and folding in the trash, I kept the remains (two large garbage bags full) with the intention of burning them on one of our brush piles. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Rock Band

I was delighted by this recently created musical instrument, and thought the song being played was seasonally appropriate, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. I hope you enjoy Rock Band by Neil Mendoza as much as I did.



Perhaps you can make some unusual music this weekend.

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Happy Pi Day 2017

It’s once again the day to celebrate π. Last year I gave you a little artist’s book (and a recipe for cabbage pie) to make for yourself. This year I found a suitable piece of music on Will Wheaton’s Tumblr.


If you play the ukulele, you could try it out. Otherwise you can hear this version (and another arranged with chords) by visiting here.

(In case you have never seen musical notation that looks like this, there’s an explanation of tablature here.)

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Life in Circles

Occasionally I notice that my life is recursive: things appear, then disappear, then return –a bit of déja vu all over again.

In August of 1996, I attended (as a guest) the combined 114th meeting of the American Ornithologists Union and the annual meeting of the Raptor Research Foundation in Boise, Idaho. I enjoyed a number of the presentations, but there was a special treat at the Idaho Center for The Book: an exhibition of artist’s books. It was my first encounter with what is now commonly called a kaleidocycle. Viewers were offered a plan for a ‘kaleidagon’ to take home. I still have mine, a little the worse for wear.

I filed it away, not having any need for it at that time. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Craft in America

Craft In America is a U.S. non-profit organisation that promotes original handcrafted work through a series of programs and projects including the making of documentaries for the PBS Nature series. The three short book-related clips below are from some of their videos for that program.





Perhaps this weekend you can check out some of their other videos here.

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A New Book: Political Promises

I have completed 8 copies of Political Promises. It is another open edition, so I will produce more as required.

Once the book is opened, all the parts may be stored in the plastic case.

Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Origami Turbine —A Paper Spinner

I was looking for inspiration for a DIY project for March, and thinking about wind as the theme, when I came across this video. The paper spinner was designed by David Donahue, and the instructions are presented by Leyla Torres.



I found the instructions clear and easy to follow. (I turned the sound off and just watched the pictures, stopping the video if I began to fall behind.) Here’s my spinner made from some scrap paper. It works perfectly.

Leyla Torres has lots of other instructional videos. You can find links to them on her website, Origami Spirit. Perhaps you will have fun folding paper this weekend.

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Happy World Book Day!

Today is the 20th annual World Book Day (at least if you are in Britain), so here’s a nice drawing by illustrator Chris Riddell.


Read a book today (perhaps not the entire thing, unless you have the day off work or school), or give someone else a book to read.

For more info on the celebrations and things to see and do, you can go to the World Book Day website here.

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Progressing Sideways

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been collecting maps of places I have lived. This week I did some experimenting with book structures for the project. I want to do some stitching on the pages, so using a form that hides the ‘wrong’ side of the page would be a good idea. I came up with a unit that looks like this:

The page is double, with the fold at the left side, and the arrow is a single layer. Continue reading

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