Friday Night Flicks: Sekishu-Banshi

One of the joys of the Interweb is the ‘accidental find’. Today’s video is about traditional paper making in the region of Iwame in the Shimane Prefecture of Japan. The paper making technique used in the video is reputed to produce the strongest kozo paper in Japan, and I can well believe it!



Perhaps you will take a moment this weekend to examine a piece of paper more closely!


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How to make cooked wheat starch paste

I have previously posted my recipe for cooked wheat starch paste in a post about making paste papers and in a post about different kinds of adhesives. Since I was actually making a batch this week I thought I would show the whole process in pictures.

I use food grade wheat starch which I purchase from an Oriental grocery store. I am pretty sure that it is the same stuff sold by book binding suppliers, but it is significantly cheaper!

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Friday Night Flicks: Léon The Professional and Il Etait Une Fois

Friday Night Flicks features two videos of pop-up books: Léon The Professional and Il Etait Une FoisLéon The Professional by Jeremias Krakowiak re-tells the story from the 1994 movie of the same name. The video clearly shows the working of the pop-up mechanisms, and I thought the use of the ‘waterfall’ structure worked particularly well suited for the inclusion of longer sections of text.



If you found that all a bit dark, tonight’s second video may make you feel more cheerful. Il Etait Une Fois is a pop-up book by Benjamin Lacombe. This promotional video follows the White Rabbit on a tour through the pop-ups, each of which represents a famous story.



If you think you would enjoy a movie about a twelve year old girl being trained as a hit man, you might find a copy to watch this weekend. Personally, I would rather re-read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.



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Closer to Completion

This week I finished the inner boxes for If I could save time in a bottle.

Some of the dividers will need straightening when I finally get to the stage of inserting all the labelled bottles. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Ben Eine

As a follow-up to last week’s videos featuring large-scale lettering, here’s another. Ben Eine uses the traditional tool of the graffiti artist —the spray can— in a highly controlled manner to produce elegant and colourful installations.



You can see more pictures of his work here.

If you would like to try making some circus-style lettering this weekend, downloading a page of Rosewood Standard letters and numbers here may help you get started.

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The Box Factory Continued

More steps in the production of little boxes were completed this week. I glued the uprights of the interior spacers that will separate the bottles,

then assembled the pull tabs.

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Friday Night Flicks: Pokras Lampas and Julien Breton

Time for two more calligraphy videos, today featuring “the largest calligraphy artwork in the world” and lettering with light.

The rooftop calligraffiti piece by Pokras Lampas may indeed be the biggest in the world. It is certainly large and the painting technique is remarkable.



The light calligraphy of Julien Breton is transient, enduring only in the photographic images created by David Gallard.



Perhaps you will find (or make) some unusual lettering this weekend.

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The Box Factory

I’ve done quite a bit of production work this week, starting with 25 copies of the label for If I could save time in a bottle. Here’s the layout page in InDesign,

and the stack of trimmed labels.

Here’s a label glued to an unassembled box. The yellow pointy fingers indicate where I trimmed the sides of the flap so that the box will open and close more readily.

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Friday Night Flicks: Engineering the Perfect Pop and Wenn ich einen Garten hätte

Tonight’s flicks re-visit pop-up books. The first is a video of Matthew Reinhart talking about his process in designing pop-up books, the second is a video of a pop-up book created by a German kindergarten class.




You can see more of Matthew Reinhart’s work here and read a bit about the kindergarten pop-up here.

Perhaps you will find time to make something pop this weekend.

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Box and Socks

It took a few more practice models along the way but the box for the little bottles is now designed, printed, and one copy completed.

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