The Orihime Binding with a Drumleaf Variation, Part Two

Last week’s post was about preparing the pages for the Orihime/Drumleaf Variation. This week’s post shows you how to assemble it.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Galaxy Song (reprise)

This week saw the celebration of the first “official” celebration of Matariki in New Zealand, and July 7 next week marks the earliest Tanabata celebrations in Japan, so it seems like a good excuse to share my favourite song about astronomy again. (I first posted this illustrated version —put together by William Davis for his undergraduate astronomy class at Suffolk County Community College, Long Island, New York— in July of 2015.)



I hope you get a chance to look at the stars this weekend!

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The Orihime Binding with a Drumleaf Variation, Part One

The anniversary of this blog is coming up —July 7— and I post a special project every year to celebrate both this event and Tanabata. This year I am re-visiting the Orihime binding which was created for Tanabata in 2017. I developed this drumleaf variation so that I could do paper weaving or stitching on the pages and have the “wrong side” hidden when the book is completed.

Last week I showed you the papers I created for my version of this project. (If you want to print those pages for yourself, you will find the file here.)

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Friday Night Flicks: Alise Anderson

Tonight’s flick is a bit of animated choreography. The text on Vimeo includes one of my favourite credit lines:

Created/Crafted/Shot/Edited/Loved/Hated by: Alise Anderson

The video was made using over six hundred hand made paper shapes.



More of Anderson’s work —from music videos to knitting instructions— can be seen here. You might want to take a quick peek some time this weekend.

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More Dreams and A Project Preview

The 99 Dreams of Euclid’s Wife project continues. Here is Dream 13.

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Friday Night Flicks: Amber B. Dianda

Some of the best paper stop motion animations are made for commercials. This lovely little flick is actually an ad for a line of socks. From Amber Dianda’s text on Vimeo:

Each piece of paper was painstakingly cutout by hand and it took about 3000 images to create the complete stop motion animation.



Dianda also produces work in other media, including a line of soft sculpture creatures. You might want to check those out on her website this weekend.


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An Origami Airplane and Some Other Things

One of the advantages of working on a 99 day project is that one can achieve a feeling of accomplishment early in the day, and still have plenty of time to work on other things. This week the “other things” included playing with paper airplanes.

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Friday Night Flicks: Michael Kohlweg

Ooops! I had today’s flick selected and then forgot about posting it. Here it is, just a little later than usual. I selected it because I am doing another 99 day project this year and this is a compilation from a 100 day project Michael Kohlweg completed three years ago.

From Kohlweg‘s Vimeo post:

For this years 100 Day Challenge I chose to learn and practice something I have been interested in for a while: stop motion animation. Each day I animated a 1 inch paper box doing or being various things. The proverbial box I created around this work helped to focus on crafting a narrative each day, and to learn how physical things move in a natural way. This is a compiled reel of all 100 days to see how I progressed over those few months.



Most impressive work for a beginner! You might want to spend a few minutes this weekend scrolling through Kohlweg‘s Instagram account or looking at some of his other videos on Vimeo.


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The 99 Dreams of Euclid’s Wife

The first of June marked the beginning of my 99 day project for 2022. I have, in fact, been working on this for some time. The series of ‘drawings’ —archival pigment prints with additional coloured pencil— is called The 99 Dreams of Euclid’s Wife. Here’s Dream 1.

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Friday Night Flicks: Much Better Now from Salon Alpin

The theme for this month’s flicks is stop motion animation and, although I spent several hours earlier this week looking at animations made from paper, I am going to start with one I posted back in 2017. Here’s the full post from July 17th that year.


There hasn’t been a stop motion animation on Friday Night Flicks for quite a while, so here’s a lovely one with a summery theme (and books).



If you are interested in learning about how the video was made, you can see more here, here, and here.

Perhaps you will get to the seaside this weekend, or at least a lake!

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