Friday Night Flicks: Paper Dreams

Paper Dreams was produced by Kenneth Onulak as a Junior Degree Project while he was a student at Rhode Island School of Design. There was an actual piece of paper involved: a photograph of a sheet of paper in a frame was the starting point for the images in the video. Everything else was done on a computer, though a similar film could have been made by making thousands of paper cuts and photographing them. I’m guessing that the digital process was faster.



If you click on the Vimeo link at the right hand end of the control bar below the video you can read Onulak’s description of his processes.

Perhaps you will make some paper cuts this weekend, or only dream about them.

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A DIY Easter Bunny

I am posting a day early because tomorrow morning I will be busy cooking turkey and accompaniments for a 1 p.m. Easter Dinner.

Yesterday’s Friday Night Flick was my 300th post. In celebration (and because it is seasonally appropriate) here is my printable DIY Easter Bunny. Actually it turned out to be more of an Easter hare, which is geographically appropriate. We often see snowshoe hares (sometimes referred to as bush bunnies) and jackrabbits, but no real rabbits.

This is the test bunny I made.

You can download a printable pdf here. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: The House Hippo and The Bin Chicken

A number of years ago the Concerned Children’s Advertisers produced a public service announcement warning of the dangers of believing everything you see on TV. It was a brilliant parody of the Hinterland Who’s Who series on Canadian wildlife.



I was reminded of it when I found this excellent parody of the Planet Earth programs. The narrator does a great imitation of David Attenborough.



Perhaps you will discover some unusual wildlife this weekend.

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Sort of Spring

Last Sunday afternoon was warm enough that we went with a friend on an Expotition to Bright Water Marsh to see if the geese were there yet. There were only a few so we drove to Blackstrap Lake (which is actually a reservoir), but it was still frozen. The sun was warm and we found a spot on a hillside somewhat sheltered from the wind and had an early picnic supper.

We also found one of the prairie signs of spring.

By the end of the week the temperature was 21°C (70°F) and David was chopping wood with his shirt off. This morning it is -2°C (28°F) and snowing. Spring in Saskatchewan.

I’ve made some progress on the memory maps piece, but since I plan to enter it in the Dimensions 2017 juried exhibition I won’t show you much more until the selections have been made. I have pierced central squares for the front panels, mounted them using a template, and re-pierced so that the holes go through the larger sheet.

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Friday Night Flicks: Analogue Loaders

Our internet connection has been a bit “iffy” off and on for the past week, so I have spent some time watching digital animations of little icons spinning in circles. Today’s stop motion animation by Raphael Vangelis was inspired by time spent doing the same thing.



I hope very little of your weekend is wasted watching small spinning things on a computer screen.

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Paper from Chocolate

I got a nice surprise in the mail this week: a free notebook. It came in an order of chocolate bars from Miss Choco.

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Bonus Post: The International Edible Book Festival 2017

It’s April 1 again, time for The International Edible Book Festival, and once again I have not made an edible book. Instead here is Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as re-imagined by Cake Central.

Be sure to check out events at your local library! (Or perhaps make your own edible book this weekend.)

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Friday Night Flicks: Memories of Science

Memories of Science is an artist’s book by Dorothy Yule. Here’s an entertaining little video of the book in action.



If you are feeling particularly affluent, you can order a copy of Memories of Science through 23 Sandy Gallery.

If you would like to look at more of Dorothy Yule’s work this weekend, and see how some of her mechanisms are made, you could watch a 44 minute video of her November 7, 2016 presentation to The Book Club of California. (There is a voice-only introduction before the pictures start and there are sound problems, but it’s worth putting up with them.)

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Some Progress and Some Other Things

I have now completed fourteen out of sixteen map panels for the work I am tentatively calling Memory Maps.

They will be behind sixteen larger YUPO panels, still visible but not obvious. It is taking a while to do the pre-piercing of holes and the stitching as my hands start cramping up after a couple of hours.

I think I will soon need to replace the piece of foam core I use when piercing the holes!

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Friday Night Flicks: Paper World, Paper City

Increasingly, the amazing paper animations that one sees involve no actual paper at all. Paper World, a graduation film from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) produced in 2013, is a lovely example.



If you’d like to learn more about the process, here’s a ‘making of ‘ video.



And in case you have some extra time to spend staring at things on your computer screen this weekend, here’s another short (non)paper animation, Paper City by Maciek Janicki.


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