Some Variations on the Shrigley Binding

Last week I wrote about accidentally inventing the Shrigley Binding while trying out various origami folds. This week I will show a simpler way to achieve the structure, and some variations of shape and assembly.

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Friday Night Flicks: Calligraphy

Tonight’s sensual little flick was shot by Henk Dawson and features the work of calligrapher Kathy Barker.



If you want to try some easier calligraphy this weekend, you might check out the brush pen lettering tutorial I linked to last Sunday. That technique doesn’t require the years of practice manifested in the steel nib lettering of Kathy Barker.

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How I accidentally invented The Shrigley Binding

(with apologies to Benjamin Elbel.)

I have been playing with little squares of paper again, making components for paper ‘quilts’. Some of the designs come from Tomoko Fuse, though the basic ones may be traditional. I have also played with my own variations.

Here is one of the basic units.

Fuse’s folding is simple, but I arrived at the same result a little differently. I will show my  method later, but for now here’s Tomoko Fuse’s version:

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Friday Night Flicks: 36 Days of Type 05

I usually try to avoid posting things that I see on Colossal. Their readership is enormous, and things posted on the site tend to get re-posted and tweeted and emailed and put on Facebook so that by the end of a week pretty much everyone on the planet has seen them. However, I couldn’t resist this typographic animation by Ben Huynh.



You may want to spend a little time this weekend looking at some of the other entries in this year’s 36 Days of Type.

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More Paper Toys

I have continued to play with making paper toys and produced two more this week. This one’s called Feed The Troll. The object of the game is to flick small items (paper clips, candy wrappers, used chewing gum) at the target so that they land in the box.

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Friday Night Flicks: Etereas

Tonight’s animated flick is —like last week’s video— an exploration of movement through space. Etereas was filmed in Mexico City, directed by Daniela Villanueva and Mara Soler and features dancers Brecken Rivara and Tiana Zoumer.

From the accompanying text on Vimeo:

A hula hoop floats amidst a stunning location of México city. As it moves, a dancer appears and plays with the hoop. Every movement creates lines, impressive shapes and lights that float in the space as if being drawn to gradually create an impressive sculpture in movement.



Perhaps you will find a hula hoop to play with this weekend. I never tried anything this interesting when I owned one as a child.

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Sumer is icumin in

We have gone from Winter, through Spring, and into Summer in a very short time this year. I define Spring as the time between the last snow and the first mosquitoes. We now have the bugs (mosquitoes and ticks) and after April’s temperatures running about 10 degrees below normal, forecast temperatures for the next week are about 10 degrees above normal.

I hardly had time for Spring Fever, but I have been sidetracked again. After all that paper folding, I am now designing paper toys for possible inclusion in an exhibition and sale in Montréal next autumn. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Divers

Tonight’s flick is a short — 3 minutes and 12 seconds— animation by Paris Mavroidis with
music by Kaki King. It combines elements from diving, synchronized swimming, and dance with geometric and kaleidoscopic pattern play.



Since it is turning to summer (or already is summer) in many places, some of you may get a chance to go diving this weekend.

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How To Make A Paper Sheath For Scissors

I mentioned a while ago, when writing about my knitter’s version of a Zhen Xian Bao/Chinese Thread book, that I made a paper sheath for my little scissors. That’s the main subject of today’s post.

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Friday Night Flicks: Making a traditional Chinese hanging scroll

Tonight’s flick from The British Museum shows senior conservator Mrs Jin Xian Qiu applying her 43 years of experience to mounting two large paintings as traditional scrolls. I found the idea of getting an absolutely even coat of starch paste on a surface that large rather intimidating!



If you are backing some cloth or paper this weekend, this film has some nice images of the various consistencies of starch paste and shows where they are appropriate. (If you want to learn how to back cloth or paper, I have some instructions here.)

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