Friday Night Flicks: Pająki / Chandeliers

This week’s flick features the paper and straw works of Karolina Merska. Merska creates pająki, traditional Polish decorations used for celebratory decorations.



Here’s a picture of Merska’s giant pająk installed during the London Design Festival 2016.

(Image from @l_d_f_official on Instagram.)

The video may have shown you enough of the process for you to undertake your own pająk this weekend. If you would like more instructions, you will find some here.

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It’s Too Darn Hot

It’s actually quite cool this morning, and yesterday wasn’t too bad, but most of the week had temperatures around 30ºC. It was too hot to work with folding paper in the daytime —my hands sweat at that temperature— so I did some printing instead.

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Friday Night Flicks: I am Square

Regular readers of my Sunday posts will know that my upcoming/postponed-until-January 2021 exhibition Square Dance uses the square as the basic design unit in all the works, so this video seems especially appropriate for a Friday Night Flick.



Perhaps this weekend you could think of a few more emotions or states of being that could be expressed by squashing/stretching/bouncing a simple cube.

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Inheritance/Nurture, not Nature

I’ve been working on two new pieces this week involving a combination of printed panels and folded two-part menko.

Some of the papers I am using are my hand made ones. The coloured one above contains asparagus fibre and delphinium petals.

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Friday Night Flicks: Asterisk

Tonight’s flick is the last in the recent series of videos selected with the theme of typography/lettering, and it isn’t really a flick at all. Asterisk is an interactive digital artist’s book by Julia Hou, created in 2019. To open it, click on the image below. Press F to move forward, B for back, and Refresh to start over. Moving your mouse will change viewing orientation. (Please note: I was unable to control the program on my iPad. My apologies to those of you reading this on a tablet or phone.)


I discovered Hou’s digital book recently on Books on Books. You can read a little more about it there, including a transcript of the text. You can read more about the development of the book in an article by Andrew Prisbylla on the Carnegie Mellon University website.

Asterisk is worth more than one viewing. Have some fun ‘reading’ it this weekend. (If you figure out the controls for tablet or phone, please let me know!)

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The Elements Complete

I finished the remaining three works for The Elements this past week.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Art of Writing // MUCA Exhibition

In late 2017 the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art in Munich, Germany held an exhibition of Calligraffiti. Tonight’s flick gives a glimpse behind the scenes during the installation and a brief view of works in the show.



I recommend taking a few minutes of your weekend to look at still photos of works in the show in an article from islamic arts. There is a second video at the end of the article, showing Said Dokins creating a giant calligraffiti mural.

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The Elements: Air

I spent a good part of the week working on The Elements, beginning by making some test prints to check colour. (This also functioned as a printer test. Inkjet printers can get cranky when left sitting for extended periods.)

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Friday Night Flicks: Writing Stage Diving

Tonight’s flick by director Marco Puccini features individual and collaborative calligraphy by Luca Barcellona & Francesca Biasetton.



You can see more of Barcellona’s work on his Flickr photostream, or watch more of his videos on Vimeo. Looking at either or both would provide a few minutes of entertainment for your weekend.

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The Elements

This is the image for the Fire piece from my planned series The Elements.

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