Friday Night Flicks: Ghosts of Gone Birds

I haven’t posted a video of an automaton for a while. Here’s an excellent piece by Keith Newstead. As a bonus, it includes drawings by Ralph Steadman.



If you are interested in seeing close-up images of this piece as well as some other birds created for the Ghosts of Gone Birds exhibition, you can find images here. You might also want to spend a minute of your weekend watching the other birds in action here.

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Little Projects

While I have some larger works in the planning stages, I have also been working on some little projects. I got all the backing of paper and cloth done for my travelling bookbinder version of the Zhen Xian Bao. (There are instructions on how to do that here.)

I dry the backed materials on sheets of Plexiglas.

Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Medieval Help Desk (repeat)

I first posted this video in 2014, so many of my more recent readers may not have seen it. It seemed appropriate to re-post it, since I recently upgraded my computer’s operating system and I am still getting used to changes this has made to some of the interfaces I use on a regular basis.



Here’s hoping your weekend does not include any computer-based frustrations.

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The Clearing Continued

Although it is attached to the house, my downstairs studio is not heated by the house furnace. (There is one duct from the house heating system, but I leave it closed when the studio is not in use.) Instead, I have a Lakewood wood stove as my heat source.

The studio has been a disaster area ever since it became a repository for assorted things that I dumped there during the whirlwind clearing of the basement when the furnace had to be replaced last year. It was pretty untidy before that, but my work surface and my paper drying system had become completely unusable.

The first job of the New Year was to get the studio warm enough to work in. We had been having a spell of very cold weather so the brick surround of the stove —and Ko-ko, my stack cutter— had become ‘cold sinks’. (They act as ‘heat sinks’ when the fire is on regularly.)

I started a fire Wednesday morning, and it took until early afternoon for the temperature in the studio to reach a level where it was comfortable to work. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Winter’s Magic

Back in March of 2016 I showed a Friday Night Flick called Frozen Soap Bubbles. It was a sort of farewell to Winter. This winter still has some weeks to run, so although the last few days have been far warmer than normal, there will be plenty of sub-zero days ahead.

Winter’s Magic by Don Komarechka also features freezing bubbles. It is a lovely little video and well worth the two minutes and forty-five seconds it takes to watch it.



If you would like try playing with frozen soap bubbles this weekend, Don Komarechka has a recipe and some tips here.

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Getting Ready for a New Year

I am not very good about throwing things out. My work surface becomes smaller and smaller as test models and scrap paper pile up. After twenty-four advent posts, making trial models and then final models for photographing, my usable work surface had been reduced to about 400 square centimeters (about 62 square inches). This week I started filing and throwing out, and I can now see a significantly larger part of the work surface.

I probably should throw out even more stuff, but this will do for now. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: New Year’s Eve in Reykjavik

New Year’s Eve is almost here. Many cities will have large displays of fireworks. I doubt that anywhere has quite as large a display, at least in terms of area, as Reykjavik, Iceland. Tonight’s short video by Siggi Helgason gives a lovely overview of the traditional, spontaneous, unregulated event.



Are you planning any fireworks for New Year’s Eve?

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Byopia Press 2018 Advent Calendar: Day Twenty-five and An Index

Best wishes to everyone for a happy, healthy, and peaceful holiday season.

I suppose this should be called a Table of Contents. In any case, here follows a list of links —with pictures— to the twenty-four posts of Advent 2018. To reach a selected post, simply click on the title. Continue reading

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Christmas Eve 2018 Bonus Flick: Merry Christmas

Just a little something for your Christmas Eve entertainment from Passion Animation Studios and Rollin’ Wild:



Merry Christmas everyone!

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Byopia Press 2018 Advent Calendar: Day Twenty-four and A Self-closing Book Cover

I used today’s structure to create a version of the Zhen Xian Bao/Chinese Thread book. I made it to carry my knitting tools and patterns to England this past fall, and it worked very well.

The instructions for folding a version that can be used as a book cover have been assembled using some images from earlier posts. I hope the changing colour of the model is not too confusing! Continue reading

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