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Endings and Beginnings

This week saw the completion of my response to the January #areyoubookenough challenge prompt: Expectations.

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My maternal grandfather was Pennsylvania Dutch, so it is possible that he made a papercut valentine or, perhaps, a heart-in-hand love token for my grandmother.

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Happy New Year 2023!

It finally warmed up a bit this past week … and then it snowed.

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Following a Train of Thought to a (Possibly Illogical) Conclusion

Showing you sneak peeks of the projects coming in December has begun to feel a bit mean, so I have an actual project for you this week. It began as a bit of paper play and led to something completely … Continue reading

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My Grandfather’s Book

I did stock taking this week so that I could send Vamp and Tramp a list of what I currently have available. I thought I would write about one of the older books I unearthed: a facsimile edition of my … Continue reading

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Byopia Press Advent Calendar 2021: Day Four and A Pieced Accordion with a Double Band

Sometimes it isn’t possible to make an accordion book from a single strip of paper, and sections must be glued together. Today’s DIY artist’s book is put together this way.       Four Seasons In A Dry Year was originally created for … Continue reading

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Temporary Framing

The big project for this week was mounting work for display at the Hand Wave Gallery. The pieces will be shown matted and backed, but not framed.

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… and another new flexagon.

Last week I posted a new flexagon/fidget toy I invented after Paula Beardell Kreig inspired me to play with little squares of paper. I came up with a second design, which is the subject of this week’s post.

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It’s Paula’s fault

On August 8, 2021 Paula Beardell Krieg posted about a new flexagon she had invented. She was offering a workshop through MoMath and I signed up for it. I then missed the workshop by remembering the wrong time. (Sometimes I … Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Estudio Itálico

Hand lettering signs for businesses is an old tradition that carries on today. This video features the work of Estudio Itálico, and shows some of the ways members of the trade have adopted modern digital technology.     Have a … Continue reading

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