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Patience is a Virtue

The temperature in my studio can change quite drastically between day and night. Humidity levels also shift. Paper can move considerably with either (or both) of those changes. As a result, some of the corners on the support structure for … Continue reading

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Many Little Menko

My evening project for the past week (alternating with knitting to give my hands a change, if not a rest) has been folding more little menko.

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I’ve Looked At Clouds

I have a number of cloud-related memories. Here are a couple. When I was seven or eight I discovered that rain clouds have edges. (I grew up in urban environments where one only sees a small bit of the sky … Continue reading

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Working in Squares

The square is the recurring design unit for all the planned works for my solo exhibition in 2020. I made some test units this week from some of the dictionary pages I have backed and coloured.

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Road Trip (with knitting)

Early this week I finally put together my ‘good’ copy of the Magic Wallet.

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Making A Moon Phases Calendar

I returned last night (rather later than the airline predicted) from my trip to Toronto, so it will be a short post today. The trip had several highlights including seeing Impulso by the Esmerelda Enrique Spanish Dance Company. Since you … Continue reading

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Rust Prints and Playtime

I finished the last of the straight-pin rust prints this week. I ironed the prints and then scanned them. The last step (for now) was to process the images in Photoshop.

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I have been playing another ‘game’ found via the Internet. Lydia Rink put out a call for people to create pages which she plans to assemble into a collaborative artists’ book. Here’s a detail of one side of my page. … Continue reading

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Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

It may seem odd to start a (mostly) bookbinding blog post with an image of a vegetable peeler, but there is a reason. Peter Verheyen recently wrote a post titled Bookbinding and Adapting to Life Changes in which he describes … Continue reading

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Happy Origami Day

Although Moody Blues is not made using traditional origami techniques, the modular construction was inspired by the origami of Tomoko Fuse. The piece has been coming together well, though it is taking a while. That might be because there are … Continue reading

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