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Friday Night Flicks: Kia Sue Papercutting

Last week’s video featured the work of Korean artist Na Seo Hwan, who creates woven forms from handmade, handspun paper. Paper cutting is another art form where paper is not just a substrate for other media. Today’s videos feature the … Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Jiseung/Noyeokgae: paper weaving

Last week’s flick by Aimee Lee showed the process of making Korean handmade paper (hanji). Today’s video, also by Lee, shows one of the end uses of hanji. From the accompanying text on Vimeo: The process of cording and weaving … Continue reading

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Moving Menko

It has been a fairly busy week. I finished sorting the two-inch menko, though they will likely be re-sorted in the future for a second piece. Some of the piles are single colour combinations.

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Friday Night Flicks: Papercut: ilustrando con capas de papel – Un curso de José Antonio Roda

Last week’s flick included a book artist who does papercut illustration: Andrea Dezsö. Tonight’s flick features an illustrator, José Antonio Roda, who also works with papercuts. Working under the single name ‘Roda’, his illustrations often appear on non-paper surfaces such … Continue reading

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Even More Little Menko

The news for the week is not terrifically exciting: I have spent much of the time cutting strips of paper and folding even more little menko. Here are some from yesterday.

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Many Little Menko

My evening project for the past week (alternating with knitting to give my hands a change, if not a rest) has been folding more little menko.

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Many Menko

Some of you may have been wondering what I was planning to do with all the backed and paste-decorated dictionary pages. I have started making two-piece menko.

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Some Experimental Fan Book Structures

On Friday I posted two videos about fan making in Japan. Finding those videos and a few days of warmer than normal weather set me to thinking about fan books: not just books whose pages could be fanned out, but … Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Su Blackwell

I have long been a fan of Su Blackwell’s delightful paper sculptures made from books. Blackwell is currently coming to the end of the fund-raising period for a Kickstarter project: a book that will not only be a photographic display … Continue reading

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A Celebratory Paper Toy

Sometime last Sunday afternoon, this blog reached 100,000 views. While that may not be an impressive number to some, it was quite exciting for me. In celebration, I decided to give away one of the paper toys I designed last … Continue reading

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