Another Pyramid Box

It has been a busy week. As well as copying out wishes and folding stars, I spent some time reorganizing my downstairs studio. This was necessitated by the impending arrival of a new toy early Monday morning. It is large and takes four strong men to move it and I will write about it next week.

I did get a bit more done on my swap book: I have done the prototype for the accompanying container that will hold the LED candle.

I was inspired by an image I found on Pinterest.

I managed to trace the original design back to Hana Vyoralová  via her Flickr page. I worked out how it was made and made a test model. Despite what I thought was careful measuring and calculating, my first box was too small for the candle.

“Right” I thought, “I’ll just make it taller.” Somewhere in the calculations this time I forgot my basic geometry and didn’t calculate the angle of the flaps correctly. This meant that although the box fit the candle, the flaps stuck out beyond the folds and prevented the box from closing properly.

Back to the drawing board, or in this case, to Adobe Illustrator. Third time was a charm and the box shown at the top of this post fits perfectly so the candle doesn’t rattle around and the box shuts easily. I will likely find another closure solution, or at the very least cut the ends off the toothpick so that there aren’t pointy ends sticking out.

My box doesn’t have quite the same proportions as the one I found on Pinterest because I was trying to fit a particular object. If you would like to try making one, you can download a pdf here. You will get something like this:

I used 60# cover for my sample and the resulting box is quite sturdy. Cut along the outer lines to get a cross shaped piece. Score along the lines marking the square base and the triangular sides. Pierce or punch holes where the little dots are. Fold along the score lines. To close the box, fold in the sides with a single hole at the centre of the triangle first, then the outer two flaps.

I plan to use a template to make my boxes so that I don’t have printing on the inside. You may want to do the same. You could scale this up or down depending on what you want to put in it, but remember to adjust the weight of paper/card stock accordingly.

Have fun!


About Byopia Press

I have been working in the book arts field for more than thirty years, and operating Byopia Press with my husband David since the late 1990s. I began producing artist's books and altered books in 2004. I also create prints and drawings that are frequently text-inspired or text-based.
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1 Response to Another Pyramid Box

  1. lcmt says:

    I will be interested to see what you decide for a closure. I like sticks, so I like your toothpick, but that’s just me. I used to make drawings filled with stick shapes, like bundles of kindling.


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