Friday Night Flicks: The Move

Continuing with the idea that you can make anything out of paper, tonight’s flick is a stop motion animation done with paper. Mandy Smith’s film, The Move, is a very short story about moving in Amsterdam.



The film starts and ends with some paper flowers. If you would like to try your hand at making paper blooms this weekend, check out the patterns and instructions offered here.

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Lots of Folding

I spent a lot of this week folding paper. I folded squares for the piece I am working on for the decade-themed exhibition.

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Friday Night Flicks: A Paper Record Player

Tonight’s flick was chosen mostly as a demonstration of a concept. I have long held that you can make anything out of paper, and here’s a working (well, manually operated) record player to help prove the point.



You can learn more about the project on Kelli Anderson’s blog. For a selection of posts from Dezeen on other things made from paper, go here. What will you make out of paper this weekend?

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Sending Off The Paper Toys

The big project for this week was printing, packaging, and mailing off my paper toys for the exhibition in Montréal.

I will post information about opening hours and location when I have them, or you could contact Arprim.

372, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, # 426
Montréal, Québec
Canada, H3B 1A2
(514) 525-2621

My solution to the display packaging problem —each sheet needed to be individually packed— was to buy the cheapest page protectors I could find at Staples. They can be hung from one of the three holes already provided at the side.

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Friday Night Flicks: Paper Ruscha

The name Ed Ruscha will be familiar to many in the book arts world. Tonight’s flick from Breakwater Studios is a short of Ruscha having his 2015 ‘print’ Zoot Soot die cut at Aardvark Letterpress in Los Angeles.



Here’s a shot of a finished copy.

I guess if you are Ed Ruscha, work sells quickly.

I hope he paid the folks at Aardvark handsomely.

All that is really just a lead-in to suggesting you spend some time this weekend looking at at least one other short film by Breakwater. I recommend ink&paper (9:10), interviews from the last paper store and the last letterpress printer (Aardvark Letterpress) in downtown Los Angeles. (I checked: they are both still in business 6 years after the film was made. Link to McManus and Morgan here, Aardvark Letterpress here.)

If you have another 10 minutes, you might also want to watch Stone, an interview/portrait of Canada’s one and only female restoration stone cutter, Heather Lawson.

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Book Dynamics!

I mentioned last Sunday that I had received the copy of Book Dynamics! I had ordered. It is a delight, featuring three dozen artist’s books made by Ed Hutchins between 1989 and 2007.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Diary of The Travelling Bookbinder

A hat trick of bookbinding videos: this week’s binder travelled the world six years ago teaching workshops. The video gives a glimpse of what the year holds for Rachell Hazel and her students.



If you click the link to Rachell Hazell you can see where she is teaching this year. If she doesn’t offer a workshop near you, perhaps you will find a class by a local binder to sign up for this weekend.

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He was always very kind to me.

My joint book project with Kate Hodgson (Happy Leopard Chapbooks) is now complete. Kate made a handsome clamshell box to hold both our books. Some of the extra space in the box is filled with lucky stars that I folded out of paper left over from the books and the box.

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Friday Night Flicks: Bookbinder Klara K

Tonight’s flick is another video about a bookbinder, this time Klara K from Copenhagen. A combination interview/portrait of a binder at work, the film was made by Advance.



Perhaps you will meet a local bookbinder this weekend. They may be more common than you think.

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Planning A New Piece

I backed some more paper this week. Here’s a shot of some self-backed Thai mulberry paper drying. (I’m showing off: I rarely get the edges to match quite this well!)

I’m in the design stage for a wall piece, a paper quilt based on the square unit I designed.

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