Friday Night Flicks: The Present

Based on a comic strip by Fabio Coala, The Present is a graduation short film from students at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany. It has been shown at more than 180 film festivals and, not surprisingly, won more than 50 awards.



Perhaps you will find some time to go outside and play this weekend.

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Pieces of Paper

One of the things I did this week was to make a start at turning the Make Your Mark page from my recent exhibition into an artist’s book. The first step was turning this

into this.

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Friday Night Flicks: Address Is Approximate

David and I will be taking a short road trip tomorrow, so this stop motion animation seems appropriate. Directed by Tom Jenkins and made using desk top toys and Google Street View, this is the story of a small mannequin taking a virtual trip to California.



Perhaps you will also get to take a road trip this weekend.

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How To Make A Woven Book Structure

Today’s post includes a printable pdf and instructions for assembling a book structure I have named Orihime in honour of the heroine of the Tanabata legend. I mentioned on Friday that July 7th, 2017 was the official third anniversary of this blog. For the first two anniversaries I posted star-themed DIY projects (here and here) since the blog anniversary falls on Tanabata. This year I decided to celebrate the fact that both Orihime and I are weavers. (Well, I was one for about twenty years.) I thought it would be nice to design a book structure that incorporated some kind of weaving. This is the first version.

After some careful reconfiguration I came up with the version below. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Tanabata/Annie Amaya

Today is the official third anniversary of this blog and, in some parts of Japan, it is also Tanabata. Here is a short paper-cut stop-motion video from Annie Amaya which re-tells the legend of the lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi.



Perhaps this weekend you could follow the Japanese tradition of hanging a written wish on a branch, or the western tradition of making a wish on the first star seen in the evening sky.

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Pictures Of An Exhibition

Done! (Well, almost.)

The exhibition was hung, displayed for a week, celebrated for an evening, and dismantled. The ‘almost’ is because I still have to finish all the little books to go with¬†If I could save time in a bottle. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Baikei, Wang Dongling, and Yoshinori Kikizawa

I showed you a Friday Night Flick with some large scale calligraffiti earlier this spring. Tonight’s first two flicks are examples of large scale brush work by two Asian masters of calligraphy: Baikei and Wang Dongling.




The third video for this post is a lovely dance work. Dancer/choreographer Yoshinori Kikizawa leaves a calligraphic record behind as he dances.



Perhaps you can leave some calligraphic traces of your passage through this weekend.


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Last Minute

I have pre-written and scheduled this as I will be at the gallery doing the final stages of set-up when it gets posted.

Please drop in if you are in the Saskatoon area while the show is on. There will be an artists’ talk on Tuesday at noon, and I plan to be in attendance at the gallery on Thursday and Friday mornings. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: More Monotype

It is almost two years since I posted some of Monotype‘s promotional videos. Today I have two more: a short short video promoting a new type face called SST and a longer one about the development of the updated Johnston typeface for the London Transit System.




Perhaps this weekend you will notice the lettering used for public transit where you live. If you are in London, you might even visit the London Transport Museum and see lots of signage using the original Johnston font.

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Close, But Not Quite

I got quite a bit of work done on Recomp this week. I also spent quite a bit of time waiting for glue (well, cooked wheat starch paste/PVA mix) to dry.

I finished covering the panels in Thai mulberry paper, including the fiddley infills in the inside corners.

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