The Map Book Completed (And Some Other Stuff)

I put the finishing touches on the map book, Finding A Way, last Sunday afternoon. Monday afternoon we did a proper photo shoot with David acting as photographer.

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Friday Night Flicks: Timemaps

Today’s little video was selected because next Sunday’s post will be the last one in the series about my map book, Finding A Way. Vincent Meertens explores a new type of mapping, based on travel times rather than distance. The animation shows a morphing map of the Netherlands, altered based on how long it takes to get from a particular location to every other place in the country.



I hope it doesn’t take you long to get where you are going this weekend.

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The Map Book, Almost Complete

I should be able to put the finishing touches on the map book this afternoon. I have decided that it’s proper name is Finding A Way, a title which makes reference to the walking and cycling Ways we have travelled in Britain, as well as people finding ways to get through life. Here are almost all the inclusions for the pockets that make up the book.

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Friday Night Flicks: Edith Kollath —breathing paper

This week’s flick is a video of an artist’s book. Usually this kind of presentation involves a demonstrator handling a book in front of the camera. This book, however, moves itself!



To see a little more of Kollath’s work, and find out how the books ‘breathe’, here’s a second video.



Perhaps you will find a little time this weekend to play with paper?

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dot / dash 4

Earlier this month, I wrote about my first entry for this year’s weloveyourbooks on-line exhibition. Today’s post is about my second entry, Questions from Shakespeare/Answers from I Ching.

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Friday Night Flicks: Every Star

In keeping with yesterday’s Tanabata post, here’s a star-themed animation. Created by Yawen Zheng as a first year animation project at USC School of Cinematic Arts, it is a lovely, gentle little story.



I hope the skies are clear where you are this weekend, so you can indulge in a little summer stargazing.

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Tanabata and a Second Anniversary Gift

Today is Tanabata, at least in some places. It is also the official second anniversary of this blog and website, so it’s time for another DIY printable book project. In keeping with the star theme, it is a ‘star’ book, sometimes alternatively called a ‘carousel’.

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dot / dash 3

Back in late February and early March I wrote a bit about working on an entry for this year’s we love your books juried on-line exhibition.

The flag book wasn’t working the way I wanted, so I set it aside to pursue other ideas. I was still interested in the idea of codes —dot/dash, morse code, code— so I played with the idea of colour-graphemic synesthesia and colour-coded alphabets. I had developed  several alphabet colour codes while creating an earlier piece in a planned series called Synesthesia. I chose to work with this one.

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Friday Night Flicks: A Girl Called Elastika

Today’s stop-motion video is visible proof that a little goes a long way. Guillaume Blanchet tells the story of Elastika’s adventures using  push pins, elastic bands, and a few paper clips.



Perhaps you can find something creative to do with simple materials this weekend.

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A Day in Davidson

I spent yesterday with a group of bookish people in Davidson, Saskatchewan. The event was organised by the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, affectionately referred to by its members as CBBAG (pronounced ‘cabbage’).

The morning started with my presentation on Altered Books.

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