Friday Night Flicks: Cosmology

I don’t usually post videos by book artists in the same week as they are announced to the public. I am making an exception this week because Helen Hiebert’s book Cosmology is such a simple and elegant structure that I thought it should be shared as widely as possible. It is also a collaborative effort as you will see by the credits at the end of the video.



Here is the text of the poem in case you missed some of it in the video.

Cosmology, by Carl Adamshick

Silence is a window
open to the mountain air.
The window, a transparent map,
of moonlight showing
an ocean floor
and the lost city
where your child grew tall.

Memory is the water
you hear falling
on the mountain
as your hand pushes
the silence closed.


Perhaps you will read some poetry this weekend, or even write some.

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Some Assembly Required

I mentioned on Friday that Monique Martin and I are working on a pop-up book. Inspired by an alphabet game from my childhood, but using numbers rather than letters, the book is called I Love My Love. The odd pages contain a pigment printed digitally created image, with the line ‘I love my love with a …’ at the bottom. The even pages work up from number one with the reasons why.

Here are the backgrounds (without text) for the even pages:

Having the heart-shaped cloud solidify gradually (rather like the Cheshire Cat) was Monique’s idea, and I am rather pleased with how it works. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Popville

Since Monique Martin and I are working on a pop-up book, it seems appropriate to show a video of one by Anouck Boisrobert and Luis Rigaud. Their book employs clever use of cut-outs in the pages to permit a small village to grow into a city.



If you want to try making a pop-up this weekend, there are simple instruction videos on The Pop-Up Channel.

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More This and That (but mostly manhole covers)

We had visitors last night: Louise Levergneux (and her partner Michael and their dog Topaz) camped at our place on their way through Saskatchewan. Louise is collecting images of manhole covers for her City Shields series.

They went off this morning to photograph some I had previously located in Saskatoon before they head off to Moose Jaw. Louise has been working on this series since 2000, and there are still many manhole covers to collect. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Welcome to The Last Bookstore

Tonight’s flick is Chad Howitt’s short documentary on Josh Spencer, founder and owner of The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles. With a running time of 11:36, it is a  little longer than I usually choose, but I think it is worth the time.



Perhaps you can spend some time in your local book store this weekend.

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International Cat Day

Apparently August 8 has been designated International Cat Day by the people at the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Our lovely assistant Kemuri is not impressed.

If it is such a special day for cats, she says, why is it raining?!

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This and That

It has been another one of those weeks where I flitted from project to project without seeming to make much progress.

I am working on a pop-up book with Monique Martin but there isn’t much to look at yet. David and I made another batch of pesto. I wrote a course description and a student supply list for a workshop in the fall. I finished another gallon of wishing stars. I did some layout adjustments for a couple of books, a little bit of printing, and I did some research for Louise Levergneux.

Louise will be travelling across much of Canada in the next two weeks, photographing manhole covers along the way. I have found her some places where it might be relatively safe to stand and take pictures. The local big box shopping centre has a selection: square storm drains, generic manhole covers, and round ones with the city logo.

But I also found a treasure. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Yell Design Papermeals

It’s time for some more stop motion animation: these were made by Yell Design, an Australian company producing short videos exclusively for the internet. Here are four of their Papermeals.






You can learn more about them and see more of their work here. If you want to make your own food out of paper this weekend, you could try these

(and lots of other things) from Mr. Printables.




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How To Make A Paper Fortune Teller (and Basil Pesto)

As I mentioned on Friday when I posted a simple book binding video, some of you are looking for projects to share with children or grandchildren. I first learned to make paper fortune tellers when I was eight, and my friends and I had a lot of fun with them. Since I recently designed a fortune teller for the map book, I thought I would share it today as a small celebration of a blog anniversary: views of this blog passed the 20,000 mark a couple of weeks ago, and the number of visitors should pass the 10,000 mark sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I have included a more traditional version in the pdf as well.

Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: The Stick Book

Book artist Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord has recently begun posting a series of short how-to videos, demonstrating simple books you can make at home from readily available materials. Since I know some of you are looking for activities to share with children or grandchildren during the summer holidays, I thought I would post one of those videos today.



You can find more of Susan’s videos under the heading The Joy of Making Books, or look at some of her artist’s books on her website.

With the help of Susan’s instructions, perhaps you will make some books this weekend.

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