Tanabata 2020

Every year I celebrate the anniversary of this blog on Tanabata, July 7, with a star-themed DIY project. For the sixth anniversary —and a little ahead of schedule in case you want to give it to someone on Canada Day or the Fourth of July— here’s another version of the card I designed for Valentine’s Day this year.

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Friday Night Flicks: Thread Typography

Traditional methods of lettering have long interested me, but I also enjoy creative alternatives when I come across them. Tonight’s flick by Pramodchavan shows an artist creating decorative letter forms with string and ink and paper.



This weekend you might want to try making shapes with string and ink and paper yourself.

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Monday was the deadline for sending in a List of Works for my September exhibition Square Dance. I also had to provide three high resolution images, a Short Biography, and a longer Artist’s Statement. I spent a good part of the previous week assembling information and writing, and managed to send everything in by late Monday afternoon.

I did a bit of work on Tuesday, but was still in recovery mode after the deadline. I started back to work in earnest Wednesday morning. After all, I still have to complete some of the works included in my list!

Part way through the day I got a call from one of the exhibition coordinators at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery. There had been a cancellation of a show scheduled to start in January 2021.

Would I like to re-schedule to that time slot?

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Friday Night Flicks: Cooper Black

I thought it was time to post another round of typography videos so I’ll start with Alex Killian’s flick, Cooper Black, made as a project for a Visual Journalism class.



Killian’s flick is really just a teaser because I think you should watch this ten minute flick from Vox, also about Cooper Black, this weekend.


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Birthday Books

It was my birthday this past week. David spread it out from Monday to Saturday. He brought me a huge bouquet of lilacs on Monday that lasted until Friday, then this smaller bunch on Saturday morning.

He also gave me two books, one on Monday and one on Saturday.

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Friday Night Flicks: Rube Goldberg Soap Challenge

I have always loved Rube Goldberg machines (and marble runs and Heath Robinson illustrations) so I was delighted when a Canadian family won the 2020 Rube Goldberg Bar of Soap Video Challenge. Here is their winning entry.



Perhaps this weekend you will start working on your own entry to this summer’s Rube Goldberg Water a Plant challenge.

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FRAGILE, a DIY artist’s book

As promised, this week’s post features a DIY version of FRAGILE, my recent artist’s book created for the #areyoubookenough_break challenge on Instagram.

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Friday Night Flicks: Phenomena Exotica

A little bit of light entertainment this Friday, with a short animation from filmmaker Jossie Malis.



In case you experience an episode of synchronicity this weekend, remember that you should never underestimate the power of coincidence.

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Three thousand seven hundred and eighty

One of the mental games I played this week was doing arithmetic in my head, so I know that is the number of stitches it took to complete the designs on the little coloured panels for the nine versions of Twenty-twenty Hindsight: 3,780. Here are the panels before stitching, resting on their respective blocks.

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Friday Night Flicks: Creature Comforts

Tim Allen is one of the great stop-motion animators working today. If you have watched a stop motion animated film in the last decade, Allen probably worked on it. Today’s flick is from a series I am particularly fond of: Creature Comforts from Aardman Animations. Clips from interviews were animated using an assortment of animals.



You could look at more examples of Allen’s work this weekend by checking out his website. It’s worth the visit for the video in the header alone.

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