Friday Night Flicks: The Printing Ink Company

Tonight’s video is about making commercial printing ink. It is not only a good explanation of the processes involved, it is a voluptuous bit of film that borders on ink porn.



Perhaps you will really notice printing ink on newspapers or food packaging this weekend.

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Too Much Email

It has been one of those weeks where I seemed to spend far too much time reading and responding to emails. As a result I don’t have much to show in the way of visible progress on any of my current projects.

I did do some on-line reading on to supplement the research I had already done in books from our household library. I am looking for things or images of things to put in the pockets of the map book.

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Friday Night Flicks: Long Stitch and Link Stitch Binding with Charmaine Martinez

One of the wonderful things about attending workshops is the sharing of knowledge. Last weekend I got to do that, but it isn’t always possible. The amazing thing about the world wide web is that you can have a workshop come to your very own personal computer!

This is not what we learned with Susan Mills last Saturday, and she might disagree with some of the information given, but this video will let you sew a combination long stitch/link stitch binding if you follow all the steps.

I think the instructions are clear, but then I just had Susan’s workshop!



Perhaps you can make your very own book this weekend!

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Road Trip and Workshop

I thought it might be nice to take a break from posting about the book that doesn’t look like a map, and talk about other things.

I used my Craft ROBO Pro to cut some bees for Monique Martin. (I had tried to do some with black paper previously, using a white mask to show the registration marks, and had been less than completely successful.)

I attended a Longstitch/Linkstitch binding workshop yesterday in Davidson, Saskatchewan. I had a lovely drive there and back with Susan Mills, the instructor. A little bit of time this week was spent gathering the tools I would need for the class (and some that I wouldn’t, but it’s nice to be prepared). Of course I left behind the table knife that I use for tearing paper to make signatures. I could have used that, and it probably would have been a good idea to remember the lunch I made the night before so that I wouldn’t be rushed in the morning. That did mean I got a bit of a walk around Davidson to go to the Co-op to buy some food at lunch-time.

Here are the things I did take.

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Friday Night Flicks: Evolution of the Bicycle and Type Cycle

Where I live it is now definitely the season to ride bicycles. I thought some bicycle-related videos might be appropriate. The first one is a short history of the evolution of the bicycle with some typographic animation.



If that isn’t sufficiently book-arts-related for you, the second video is an animated typeface which includes bicycle parts.



I wish you good cycling weather this weekend.

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Assorted Activities

It doesn’t feel like I got a lot done this week, although I actually accomplished quite a bit.

I finished the flap stitching on the pockets while taking breaks from working on my year-end book-keeping and the business part of my tax return.

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Friday Night Flicks: Niral Parekh’s “Letter” Typography

People are making lettering from all kinds of odd materials these days. Niral Parekh has been working with letters (and flyers, and magazines) — pretty much anything that you might receive by mail.

Niral Parekh

Here’s a video of him creating the iconic T from the New York Times Magazine logo.



If you have a few spare minutes this week-end, you can look at more images from this project here.

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But it still doesn’t look like a map …

I am not quite as far along with my ‘map’ book as I had hoped to be. Partly this is because the weather has been warm (22 C. yesterday) so David and I have been going out on our tandem bicycle, and partly it’s because I have decided to do three versions of the book. I am not sure whether they will be three volumes in one set, or three separate variations. We shall see. This meant I ended up cutting paper for four copies so that I could use some duplicate colours in each version. The leftover pockets will probably be added to notebooks in the future. So I did a lot more cutting and scoring and folding.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Bible of Barbecue

In honour of April Fool’s Day and, more importantly, The International Edible Book Festival, today’s video is about a (sort of) edible book.




You can find out a little more about edible books in my post from last year or read about International Edible Book Day on their website.

Perhaps you can find make an edible book yourself this weekend, or attend an event at your local library.

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But it doesn’t look like a map …

I posted some map-themed videos last Friday because I am currently working on a map-themed book. It does not look like a map at all at this point, and when completed will look only slightly more map-like. Early in the week I cut and folded some pages and played with colour arrangements.

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