Friday Night Flicks: Percussive Maintenance

I had a problem with a piece of technology this morning. While I was not inclined to resort to this method, the old saying “Don’t force it: use a bigger hammer” often comes to mind under these circumstances. In celebration of the human belief that hitting inanimate objects will make them work, may I present today’s video.


Happy weekend!

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You Can’t See The Forest … Part One

Since I have been enjoying the autumn leaves, it seems an appropriate time to write about You Can’t See The Forest… an altered book/installation piece that was, at least in part, inspired by leaves. I thought I would write about the work in two posts: this week, the leaves.

The leaves started with a scanned image of some autumn cottonwood leaves

and a discarded copy of the Webster’s New Students Dictionary. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Craft a logo using negative space

I studied commercial art long and long ago, so the process of designing a logo is not  unfamiliar. This video goes through the stages in creating a logo and brand identity for Mister Cooper Ice Cream. I thought you might enjoy seeing how something like this is developed.


The final design is strongly evocative of “psychedelic” rock concert posters, which is probably completely appropriate for an “Adults Only” ice cream.

Happy first weekend in October!

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Bonus Post: International Coffee Day

I learned from the Internet this morning (while drinking my first cup of coffee of the day) that today is the first official International Coffee Day. I also learned that Canada has been celebrating this since at least 2011, but on September 29, and I never knew!The image comes from a Guardian article which includes 10 coffee-related literary quotations beginning with

I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now. ― from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

So celebrate the existence of coffee by having a cup at home, or with a friend, or in a coffee shop. Even better, you could give a friend a virtual cup of coffee and make a charitable donation at the same time on this Oxfam page.

(By the way, the beans for my morning coffee came from Oxfam.)

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On September 13th I posted Odds and Ends because “Fall Fever” makes it hard for me to work. We are having a lovely extended autumn, so working continues to be difficult.

I want to be outside enjoying the sun before it goes away for the winter. I did manage to complete a piece for the Handwave Gallery exhibition that opens this Sunday. The show is called Of The Hand, and features work by regular gallery artists. (You might check for images after October 29: the gallery owner only posts images after the show is over. The logic is that people have to come and see the show while it is on, they can’t just Google it!) Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Rob Ryan

Since I have just completed a piece that included paper-cutting, I thought this little video from Etsy TV’s Handmade Portraits series would make an appropriate Friday Night Flick.


You can see more of Rob Ryan’s work (and more videos) on his website.

Environment Canada is predicting glorious autumn weather for the weekend where I live. Hope your weekend is as good!

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Bonus Post: National Punctuation Day

As a bona fide member of The Apostrophe Squad (I bought the T-shirt), I was delighted to discover that tomorrow is National Punctuation Day. You might want to check that link as there is a contest.

In honour of the day, may I present some previously designed, but underused marks?

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I Wonder by Marian Bantjes

I thought it might provide a little variety to this blog if I write occasional posts about books made by other people. Some will be artist’s books, others will be books on subjects like design and typography. Today’s book qualifies as all of the above.

Almost a year ago I posted a Friday Night Flick of Marian Bantjes’ Ted Talk. Here is my review of her first book, I Wonder. The review was originally written for Book Arts/Arts du Livre Canada.

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Friday Night Flicks: Typeface

This week, as a lead-up to Letterpress Appreciation Day on September 18, the Jaffe Center for Book Arts will be holding the Print and Popcorn Filmfest. Tonight’s video is a  trailer for one of the films they will be screening.


Happy Letterpress Appreciation Day!

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Odds and Ends

Some people find it hard to concentrate in the Spring. The season that has that effect on me is Autumn: something about the glorious last sunny, warm days in the transition period between late summer and true Fall makes me unable to focus on things. I want to be outside, preferably riding my bike. I know that soon enough the bike will be put away for the winter. So this post is a reflection of that mental state.

I got a present in the mail this week.

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