Friday Night Flicks: Pokras Lampas and Julien Breton

Time for two more calligraphy videos, today featuring “the largest calligraphy artwork in the world” and lettering with light.

The rooftop calligraffiti piece by Pokras Lampas may indeed be the biggest in the world. It is certainly large and the painting technique is remarkable.



The light calligraphy of Julien Breton is transient, enduring only in the photographic images created by David Gallard.



Perhaps you will find (or make) some unusual lettering this weekend.

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The Box Factory

I’ve done quite a bit of production work this week, starting with 25 copies of the label for If I could save time in a bottle. Here’s the layout page in InDesign,

and the stack of trimmed labels.

Here’s a label glued to an unassembled box. The yellow pointy fingers indicate where I trimmed the sides of the flap so that the box will open and close more readily.

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Friday Night Flicks: Engineering the Perfect Pop and Wenn ich einen Garten hätte

Tonight’s flicks re-visit pop-up books. The first is a video of Matthew Reinhart talking about his process in designing pop-up books, the second is a video of a pop-up book created by a German kindergarten class.




You can see more of Matthew Reinhart’s work here and read a bit about the kindergarten pop-up here.

Perhaps you will find time to make something pop this weekend.

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Box and Socks

It took a few more practice models along the way but the box for the little bottles is now designed, printed, and one copy completed.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Putter

I am pretty sure that everyone reading this has used a pair of scissors. My first pair were the blunt-nosed kind. I loved them and, to my mother’s great dismay, immediately filled the house with tiny bits of paper. (I was about three and a half.) There is a wide range in the quality of scissors: poorly made ones are a misery to use, a good pair can cut almost effortlessly.

Today’s video features Cliff Denton, the man who makes sure that the scissors produced by Ernest Wright and Sons of Sheffield, England are in perfect working order. He is (a new term to me) the putter-togetherer.



I hope you have a chance to use really good scissors if you are cutting anything this weekend. (You might even be interested in ordering a pair of these.)

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Little Boxes

I have been playing with bits of paper and making little boxes this week. Back in early April I mentioned working on a new piece called If I could save time in a bottle. Each copy will include 4 small bottles, labelled with a time and date. The book will contain an explanation of the significance of each time. As the book and bottles will be packed in a small box, I need some kind of additional enclosure to keep the bottles from rattling around.

I did a test with scrap paper.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Montreal Signs Project

Last Sunday’s post mentioned lettering and calligraphy so this video seems a logical follow-up. Professor Matt Soar, Communications professor at Concordia University, launched the Montreal Signs Project in collaboration with Archivist Emerita Nancy Marrelli. He gives us a short tour of the collection. I spent a chunk of my childhood growing up in Montréal, and have visited as an adult, so many of the old signs are familiar. (I still find it hard to imagine the city without Bens.)



Perhaps  this weekend you will take a closer look at signs where you live.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

There have been a lot of things going on this week, starting with A Day in Davidson. The morning started with Kristina Komendant introducing calligraphy tools and techniques.

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Friday Night Flicks: 1363, the End of Chivalry

Tonight’s short video by Jake Mahaffy has absolutely nothing to do with either books or animation, my usual requirements for inclusion. It did, however, make both David and me laugh, and has won audience awards at several film festivals including Sundance and Hamburg.



Here’s hoping you don’t have a similar problem this weekend. If you want to stay inside where it’s safe, perhaps you could read up on Chivalry here.

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Almost Done

I am actually off at another CBBAG Saskatchewan Day in Davidson but have scheduled this post so my dedicated readers will not be disappointed.

I am in the final stages of my entry for this year’s jurying of the Dimensions exhibition. Several people have asked me (only half-jokingly) if I will win the Premier’s Prize again this year. The answer is No.

Since I still don’t want to give too much away, here are a few snapshots of the design sketch and the work in progress.

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