Friday Night Flicks: Calligraffiti

This week’s flick features Niels Shoe Meulman, an Amsterdam-based graffiti artist turned designer, and founder of the Calligraffiti movement.


Perhaps you could try writing something really big this weekend. (If you use water, it will simply disappear after a while.)

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The Interconnection of Time and Tide

It is now two weeks since I mentioned not having this book finished. It still isn’t. I don’t really have any excuse other than the fact that other important things, like having naps (we are having a heat wave) and playing with our new cat, keep getting priority. The book is nearing completion, so I thought I would at least post some pictures of Work in Progress.

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Friday Night Flicks: A Bird Ballet

One of the things I enjoy about summer where I live is the opportunity to watch birds: ravens doing aerobatics, swallows hawking for mosquitoes in the yard, songbirds at the feeder and birdbath. In celebration of all that avian activity, here’s a short video starring a murmuration of starlings.


Try to watch some birds this weekend!

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Books in Bottles

While we were in England this spring, I met Hilke Kurzke at the Turn the Page Book Arts Fair in Norwich. She passed along #60 in her Message in a Bottle Project. David and I then carried it about a thousand kilometres around England on our tandem bicycle before bringing it home to be dispatched into the South Saskatchewan River. We launched the bottle on June 15.

Here is a picture of the tandem on the riverbank with our assistant Beeston holding the bottle.

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In Winter

An odd title for a June blog post, perhaps, but In Winter is the title of the piece I first posted about on February 8th of this year. I didn’t want to write more about it while I was working on it, as it was destined to be my entry for the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s biennial juried exhibition Dimensions.

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Friday Night Flicks: Motoi Yamamoto

This evening’s video is about the work of Motoi Yamamoto. Using only salt, he creates complex labyrinths and “maps”. The process itself is repetitive and meditative, and the finished pieces evoke a sense of calm.

You can find out more about the works at Yamamoto’s website.

Have a peaceful weekend.


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A Birthday Present

This month I celebrate both my birthday and the first anniversary of this website and blog. This celebratory post is a little early, but I haven’t finished the book I originally planned to write about this week, and next week there will be a time-sensitive post, so here is your present to mark both events.

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Friday Night Flicks: Xu Bing/Book from the Sky

There seems to have been a typographic theme to the last few posts, so I thought I would keep it going but with a twist. Here’s a video about Chinese artist Xu Bing’s Book from the Sky.


Don’t forget to come back on Sunday for a special treat!

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The David Kindersley Centenary Walk

On April 27th in my post from Cambridge, I mentioned doing the Kindersley Centenary Walk and promised to post more after returning home. Here are some of the photos David took as we followed the guide map around Cambridge. We started at the Fitzwilliam Museum display.

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Friday Night Flicks: Flour Calligraphy

Here are a couple of videos by Vladimir Radibratovic that combine two of my interests: stop motion film and hand lettering.


I think you could safely try this at home — perhaps this weekend?!

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