Post #401 and a Valentine Love Note

Friday’s post was #400. Who would have thought I would keep it up this long?!

In celebration, here’s an early Valentine. The Advent stars didn’t give people much lead time, so I thought posting this a month ahead would be a good idea in case you want to make some of these for Valentine’s Day.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Cyclotrope and The Bicycle Animation

In late December I posted a video that involved making music with bicycle parts. Today’s flicks use bike wheels to animate images. Tim Wheatley has taken the rear wheel off a bike for his video.



Katy Beveridge (and friends) leave the wheels on the bikes.



Perhaps you will play with your own rotary entertainment this weekend. Tips on a simple method —no bikes required— can be found here.

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Parcel post

I sent off some things in the mail this week. The big job was preparing an order for the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Some of you may remember this jar.

I wrote about Thank Your Lucky Stars on May 8, 2016. This week I filled and labelled the last of the 100 plastic pill vials I had purchased for the project. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Keith Newstead and Paul Spooner

I only discovered the work of Keith Newstead after getting high speed internet, but I have known about Paul Spooner since the late 1980s, when my brother-in-law gave me a book by Spooner called The Zoo of Tranquility. It contained build-it-yourself paper automata, and I loved it.




Perhaps you can build your own automaton this weekend, following the instructions in this video.


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New Year’s Eve, 2017

The holiday season tends to throw one’s regular schedule off track (especially if one writes 25 posts in a month) but I have been trying to get things a bit closer to normal. I have been occupied this week with finishing the swap book for the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild.

Work will not be exactly as shown in the screenshot. (I am, after all, trying to keep this a surprise.) Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Specialized “Holiday Card”

Some of us miss riding our bicycles in the winter. This isn’t the same, but it is a clever alternate use of a bicycle’s parts.



May you welcome in a happy and healthy New Year this weekend.

(P.S. If the picture isn’t moving in the video, click on the Vimeo link in the bottom right corner and watch it there.)

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Byopia Press 2017 Advent Calendar: Day Twenty-five and a star for the coming New Year

Today’s post includes two stars that are intended for New Year’s Eve: both are tatos (traditional origami paper purse), though one is based on a triangle and the other on a hexagon.

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Byopia Press 2017 Advent Calendar: Day Twenty-four and a money star

It’s the last minute and you are resorting to giving someone cash or a gift card for Christmas. (I understand that many adolescents actually prefer a prepaid credit card as a present.) There is a star you can fold out of bills. Canada has switched to polymer currency and folding a star out of plastic banknotes is not possible. (I tried.)

The star is most often made with 5 points, but a 6-point one will hold cash or a card more easily. Continue reading

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Byopia Press 2017 Advent Calendar: Day Twenty-three and another star bread

I plan to keep trying until I get it right. This one is really close.

The last time David was baking bread, I begged one loaf’s worth of dough from the batch. The dough contained both oats and barley flour so it was a little coarse for my purposes, but I thought I would try out a different star bread with it anyway. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Tom Lehrer — A Christmas Carol

Although it is not a video, I thought you might enjoy this seasonally appropriate bit of musical satire.



I hope you don’t need to go shopping this weekend.

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