Friday Night Flicks: Papercut: ilustrando con capas de papel – Un curso de José Antonio Roda

Last week’s flick included a book artist who does papercut illustration: Andrea Dezsö. Tonight’s flick features an illustrator, José Antonio Roda, who also works with papercuts. Working under the single name ‘Roda’, his illustrations often appear on non-paper surfaces such as textiles, ceramics, and wood.

The video is entirely in Spanish, but I think you will enjoy the images even if you don’t understand the language.



This weekend you could check out Roda’s website here or start following him on Instagram here.

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March Fourteenth, Twenty Fifteen

I think that’s the title of the menko piece I have been working on. (I am sure some of you will guess why. If you do, please don’t go blurting it out until after the show opens in September 2020.)

The process for assembly was simple, repetitive, and just a bit tedious.

Menko to be added were laid out in a line, following my ‘code sheet’. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Off Book: Book Art

In case you didn’t have a chance to check out the PBS Digital Studio channel on Vimeo two weeks ago, tonight’s flick is another in their series on books. This video examines the idea of what a book is through the eyes of Matthew Reinhart, Paper Engineer; Andrea Dezsö, Book Artist; and Carole Kunstadt, Book Artist.



If you want to spend part of your weekend learning more about the featured artists from tonight’s flick,  you can find a video interview with Matthew Reinhart here, see some of Andrea Dezsö’s papercut illustrations for The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm here, or look at works from Carole Kunstadt’s Old Testament Series and hear her talk about them here.

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Send In the Clowns

This is my 600th post since I began this blog, and this week I reached (and surpassed) the total number of views I had for last year. In recognition of those milestones, it’s time for another giveaway. Since many of my readers live in countries with immanent elections, I thought some clowns might be suitable.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Book Artist

Liz Constable is a New Zealand book artist, and tonight’s flick is filmmaker Katja May’s look at her work and her processes.



Perhaps Liz Constable’s works will inspire you to try making a little book work of your own this weekend.

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Even More Little Menko

The news for the week is not terrifically exciting: I have spent much of the time cutting strips of paper and folding even more little menko. Here are some from yesterday.

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Friday Night Flicks: Offbook: Type

Tonight’s flick is a little longer than usual, but since it is a holiday weekend for many, perhaps you can fit it in. Offbook: Type is from PBS Digital Studios, and features Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones, Typeface Designers; Paula Scher, Designer; Eddie Opara, Designer; Deroy Peraza and Julia Vakser, Designers.



If you have a few more minutes to spare this weekend, you might want to spend them watching some of the other videos from PBS Digital Studios.

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Many Little Menko

My evening project for the past week (alternating with knitting to give my hands a change, if not a rest) has been folding more little menko.

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Friday Night Flicks: Book As Art/Irma Boom, Colour

Irma Boom is an internationally-known graphic designer who specializes in making books. The results easily fall within the category of ‘artist’s books’. Tonight’s flick is a short presentation of Boom’s work Colour.



You could spend a few minutes this weekend reading about Boom’s work here, or watch videos of some of her other books here.

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An Alternative Page Structure for a Japanese Stab Binding

This looks like a normal 4-hole Japanese Stab Binding, but it has a secret.

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