Friday Night Flicks: Alan Kitching

In April, the book Alan Kitching: A Life in Letterpress was published. Written by John L. Walters, with photographs by John Bodkin and Philip Sayer, and published by Laurence King, the book celebrates Alan Kitching’s life and work. Today’s video shows Kitching at work with a soundtrack of him reading excerpts from the book.



A retrospective exhibition of Kitching’s work will be held from June 3 to August 20, 2016 at The Lettering Arts Centre in Suffolk.  Sounds like a nice outing for a summer weekend if you happen to live nearby.

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Enclosures for Inclusions

My week once again included a range of activities, some of which involved more work on the map book. Since the book consists of a series of pockets, I have planned a selection of things to go in them. Some things cannot be put in on their own, but need an enclosure of some kind so I made a set of envelopes.

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Friday Night Flicks: Gary Stranger TYPE

Here’s a short video from the Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft showing a temporary art installation to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Edward Johnston’s font design for the London Underground.



Perhaps you will notice some examples of public lettering wherever you are this weekend.

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The Laser Demo

I have been semi-seriously investigating the possibly of purchasing a laser cutter. There are materials I would like to use that the Craft ROBO Pro can’t handle. A sales team from Trotec Laser Canada were in Saskatoon this past week so I booked an appointment for a demonstration. The machine they were showing was a larger model than I require, but the technology is the same. I brought some sample materials to test.

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Friday Night Flicks: Le Merle

The weather has been cold (about 10 degrees below normal with a low of -3C predicted for tonight) and wet and extremely windy this week so we haven’t been out riding around on our tandem bicycle. Last week, however, when it was sunny and 10 degrees above normal, we did several rides around the neighbourhood. One of the places we rode past  is owned by a man who feeds birds on a grand scale. I am not sure how he attracts them, but the spruce trees along the road frontage of his property were filled with singing blackbirds every time we went by.

They reminded me of this 1958 film by Canadian pioneer animator Norman McLaren.



Perhaps there will be more birdwatching this weekend, when the weather is supposed to be warmer again.

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Thank Your Lucky Stars

I have been getting work ready to send to a small exhibition at Typology Gallery in Toronto. The show is called Working Title and will be held in conjunction with the first Toronto Art Book Fair in June. This isn’t a particularly onerous task, as I am sending some copies of Thank Your Lucky Stars and I already have some stars made.

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Friday Night Flicks: A Pop-Up card for Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 8 is Mother’s Day in Canada and the USA. Today’s video shows how to make a pop-up flower card.



Perhaps you will make a card this weekend.



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Lhude sing cuccu

Summer is definitely “icumin in“: Environment Canada is forecasting temperatures about 10 degrees above normal for the next week.

I went back to writing wishes and folding stars last week, and have almost filled the first gallon since I stopped.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Printing Ink Company

Tonight’s video is about making commercial printing ink. It is not only a good explanation of the processes involved, it is a voluptuous bit of film that borders on ink porn.



Perhaps you will really notice printing ink on newspapers or food packaging this weekend.

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Too Much Email

It has been one of those weeks where I seemed to spend far too much time reading and responding to emails. As a result I don’t have much to show in the way of visible progress on any of my current projects.

I did do some on-line reading on to supplement the research I had already done in books from our household library. I am looking for things or images of things to put in the pockets of the map book.

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