Friday Night Flicks: Charles van Sandwyk

I was instantly charmed by the work of Charles van Sandwyk when I first encountered it. This short video is a fine introduction to the man and his work.



Perhaps after watching this you will find it a bit easier to see some of the magic in the world this weekend.

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Bonus Post: Manifold and the Women’s March

I like puzzles and I like origami, so I was intrigued when I discovered Manifold. Since there is a printable pdf with five of the puzzles, I went ahead and tried some out. (Note: the pdf is designed for A4 paper so rather than shrink to fit 8.5 x 11″ I printed on #20 legal —8.5 x 14″.)

The first two were easy. The third (Puzzle #10) was a little more complicated. I only finished the fourth (Puzzle #20) because I lost my internet connection and couldn’t post this. I will save the fifth puzzle for some other time.

If you like folding paper but would prefer something simpler and definitely more timely, Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord has posted a little booklet for the Women’s March on Washington. You can find the post (with a link to a downloadable pdf) here.

Finally, because people find it hard to believe it when I tell them what temperature it is where I live, some forecasts from Environment Canada.

Last week:

This week:

I suppose when you average out the extreme cold spell we had that ended last week —with wind chill factored, in several days hit temperatures below -40 (thats the same in F and C)— and the above freezing temperatures this week, we have had normal temperatures for the time of year.  ; ]


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How To Make A Hedi Kyle Panel Book

I have been playing with panel books again. This week it was because I received notice from CBBAG Saskatchewan that the new book swap is officially on. There are 16 participants, and each will produce 16 copies of a particular binding. I chose Hedi Kyle’s panel book, since I had already been working with it.

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Friday Night Flicks: Plants

It’s been a while since I have posted a paper stop-motion video. This week’s flick by Kelli Anderson and Daniel Dunnam, while not as polished as The Little Prince, has it’s own simple charm.



If you would like to play with some paper animals yourself this weekend, you might try making some of the ones here. I started the chipmunk just to see if the instructions were easy to follow. They are.

The only trick seems to be using an adhesive that sets quickly so you don’t have to spend ages holding things while they dry!


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R is for Repair

There has been a thread recently on the Book Arts List discussing some of the horrible things that galleries sometimes do to artist’s books. The inappropriate use of tape seems to feature, but other bad things happen too. My work In Winter was recently returned to me after almost two years on tour.

Given the fragility of the piece, it had not fared too badly but some restoration work was definitely required. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Paper Repair

Although it is only a month since I posted a video about the restoration of The Chimney Map, I will be talking a little about cleaning and repairing one of my own works in my upcoming Sunday post, so these videos seemed appropriate for today.

The soundtrack (in Japanese) has been muted on the first video, so don’t bother turning the volume up. It shows the basic steps in repairing a torn page with Japanese tissue and wheat starch paste. (I think the text on the video is a mis-translation. I don’t know anyone who uses wheat gluten as an adhesive!)



The second video is of a challenge project set for masters students in a book conservation program: repair an incredibly damaged 17th C. book in eight days with limited materials and basic tools. I have included it because paper repair is part of the process.



Or perhaps you would like to learn a different way to restore paper this weekend. There’s an instruction video here.

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A Box for Christmas

I received many lovely Christmas presents this year, but I think my favourite was a joint gift from two friends. When unwrapped it looked like this:

The hinges are in good condition, but the clasps on the front of the box are a little past their best before date.

The exciting part of the gift is revealed when the box is opened. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Unsatisfying, Preposterous, and One Sweet World

The first two videos today are compilations of short scenes. Unsatisfying by Parallel Studio depicts some of those little every day things that don’t always work the way we would like.



Florent Porta’s Preposterous is about things working in ways we don’t expect.



Since we are heading into a new year this weekend, here’s an optimistic little animation commissioned by Ben And Jerry’s and created by Nice and Serious.



Perhaps we’ll all be able to manage a little optimism this weekend.



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Sir Hornbook

It’s been a while since I posted about one of my early books. Sir Hornbook was created for a local book arts guild swap in 2006. The structure assigned for the swap was “scroll”, which I didn’t find very exciting so I decided to put a bit of a twist on it.

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Friday Night Flicks: Special Delivery

Tonight’s video is interactive: you can change your point of view through a full 360° to follow the action. You may need to download an app to view it properly on an iOS device. (If you are using a really old version of Safari, it still works but you can’t change your point of view.)

Created by Tim Ruffle of Aardman Animations (Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep), it is a Christmas Eve detective story with a happy ending.



If you have time this weekend, you might want to read an interview with Tim Ruffle here.

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