Friday Night Flicks: Calligraphy on the Beach

I have posted calligraphy videos featuring unusual tools/materials previously on Friday Night Flicks. You can find some of them here. Tonight’s video by wanderingstan features a rake as the lettering implement. (Please note: if you are prone to motion sickness, this flick may not be for you. The GoPro camera is attached to the rake and moves with it.)



Perhaps you will spend some time on a beach this weekend, if only in a daydream.

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Printing and Packing and Other Stuff

Much of my work time for the past week was spent on the annual Beeston calendar. By Thursday afternoon all thirty one had been printed, cut to size (by David with the help of Ko-Ko), and wrapped.

I decided to do some custom labels, and found one here.

After brightening it a bit—especially the red— I printed enough for calendars that will be mailed to people. Then I printed a custom Beeston label for the ones that will be hand delivered.

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Friday Night Flicks: Fulfilament

Last August I posted a Friday Night Flick about where ideas come from. Here’s another take on the subject from director Rhiannon Evans. At just over 8 minutes (including credits) it’s a little longer than I usually post, but I think you will find your time well spent.



Perhaps you will have a lightbulb moment this weekend.

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It’s Canada, It’s Winter — Get Used To It

The title of today’s post is a quotation from former Canadian Broadcasting Corporation meteorologist Claire Martin. It seems appropriate.

The average low for this time of year is -7.5°C.

It’s good weather to be working on the annual Byopia Press Beeston calendar. Here’s a glimpse of last year’s.

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Friday Night Flicks: Be The Snow

Tonight’s short flick by Amir Honarmand tells the story of a pillow who runs away from home. I selected it because we had out first real snowfall this week — one that is likely to stay for a while, if not all winter.



Don’t forget to truly appreciate your favourite pillow this weekend!

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Halloween 2017 Bonus Post

In case you need something to entertain you between trips to the door to hand out candy to ghosties and ghoulies and assorted Disney princesses, here are two videos and a link to an article for your intermittent amusement.

First, a seasonally appropriate animated alphabet from Adam Osgood.



Second, a caketrope (zoetrope in the form of a delicious-looking chocolate cake) tribute to Tim Burton, filmed in action by Alexandre Dubosc.



Finally, Defining the Demonic, an article by Ed Simon on the 1863 edition of Jacques Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire infernal.

You can read the full article here.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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Still sorting (and finding other things to do instead)

Although the major clean-up of the basement was completed more than a week ago, I am still spending some time each day sorting through things and either disposing of them or trying to figure out how to store them.

Sometimes the discards are briefly entertaining. I came across an old catalogue from Legion Paper.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Binding Studio

The Binding Studio is operated by Louise James in Aukland, New Zealand. Today’s video by Joseph Jowitt follows Louise through the steps of producing a hand bound book.



If you have a few spare minutes this weekend  you could look at more examples of Louise’s work, or watch the construction of a set of boxes on The Binding Studio’s website.

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Making A Zhen Xian Bao/Chinese Thread Book: Postscript —The Hedi Kyle Belt Fold and the Byopia Press Belt Fold

The Hedi Kyle Belt Fold has been used by a number of people as the closure for their Chinese Thread Books. Here’s one by Elissa Campbell.

(You can read more about Elissa’s versions here.) The belt closure is suitable for other applications as well, from scroll books to birthday presents.

The instruction page (images only) can be found in Hedi Kyle’s handout for her 2005 presentation on preservation enclosures to the Guild of Bookworkers. You can download a copy here. The instructions are on page 14. Apparently I am not the only one who found the instructions confusing the first time through. Elissa commented on her blog:

The belt was not easy to make. Erin had belts in various states of completion so we could see each step as we worked. Everyone was crowded around the table, folding and cursing under their breath (okay, that was just me).

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Friday Night Flicks: Rockrobo Smart Vacuum and Obsessive Cleaners

The two videos I have selected for tonight are both cleaning related. As I am currently engaged in a version of Swedish death cleaning, they seem appropriate.

The first video was made by Relay as a promotion for the product launch of the Rockrobo Smart Vacuum Robot. It is well produced and has a nice story line.



The second flick is a demonstration video for five obsessive, though not really practical, cleaning machines.



I think several of the devices in the second film could easily be made into drawing machines. For that matter, the robot vacuum could be too. Perhaps you will invent a drawing machine this weekend. (For inspiration, check this out.) It would certainly be more fun than cleaning.

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