Rust Prints and Playtime

I finished the last of the straight-pin rust prints this week. I ironed the prints and then scanned them.

The last step (for now) was to process the images in Photoshop. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Helvetica and Helvetica Now

Helvetica is one of those fonts that some people love to hate, but like most fonts (yes, I would even include Comic Sans) it has its uses. There are two short flicks tonight. The first is an animation by Jon DeBoer of some quotations from the movie Helvetica. The second is an animated promotion for the newly released Monotype font, Helvetica® Now.




See if you can spot some Helvetica this weekend.

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I have been playing another ‘game’ found via the Internet. Lydia Rink put out a call for people to create pages which she plans to assemble into a collaborative artists’ book. Here’s a detail of one side of my page.

It seemed like an excellent excuse to begin playing with my lovely set of Caran d’Ache coloured pencils. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: X-Book With Pockets

Tonight’s video shows how to make the X-Book With Pockets from Making handmade books : 100+ bindings, structures & forms by Alisa Golden.



I found the video on Bound In Edinburgh. This weekend you might want to spend a few minutes viewing of their other posts.

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Ennead #1

Late Friday evening I was informed that my work Ennead #1 had not been selected for the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s 2019 Dimensions juried exhibition.

This was not a big surprise. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Corsoyard

Tonight’s flick is a mesmerising video of a young man making a sheet of paper. That’s it —a single sheet of washi.



Perhaps you will take a close look at some paper this weekend.

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The Juried Exhibition

For the past few weeks I have been intentionally not talking about a piece I have been making because I am entering it in a juried exhibition. By next Sunday the jurors will have selected the show and I will be able to show you the piece. After that my posts should return to more normal content, at least for a while. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: on a brief hiatus

I have been really busy this week, so there is no flick today. I just did not have time to do any searching. My apologies to those who follow the flicks regularly. I will try to find something extra special for next Friday!  ; ]

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A Little Bit About Some Other Things

Spring is trying her best to arrive, and although I will not be at all surprised by more cold weather, or even snow —it’s still March in Saskatchewan, after all— the worst of winter is definitely over.

We have had bright blue skies for much of the week, and the pussy willows are open at the edge of the pasture north of the house.

I continue to work at my project (the one I can’t show you yet) and a few other things. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Su Blackwell

I have long been a fan of Su Blackwell’s delightful paper sculptures made from books. Blackwell is currently coming to the end of the fund-raising period for a Kickstarter project: a book that will not only be a photographic display of some of her past work, but will tell an autobiographical fairy tale, and include templates and instructions for making small paper sculptures.

Tonight’s flick shows a little of Blackwell’s process.



Don’t wait for the weekend to check out Su Blackwell’s Kickstarter project here. The deadline to meet the funding goal is 8 AM on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019, Greenwich Mean Time. (I want this book.)

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