Four Flaps, Three Ways

Since people seem to be enjoying my posts about packaging —the interlocked band, the 3D envelope and pop-up CD case, the wrapped cover— and since I don’t have any new work to write about (still finishing up editions), today’s post is about closing things with flaps. The examples I have made are all envelopes, but the flaps could be used on boxes as well. If you want to try making the envelopes there is a printable file here, or you can just draw your own. When cutting out the printed file, please cut just inside the solid line.(Please note: people printing on A4 paper will need to shrink the file slightly to fit.)

Here is a standard method for closing something with four flaps.

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Friday Night Flicks: The Magic Moment

I have mentioned pop-up books quite recently and even posted a pop-up video a month ago, but when a friend passed on this short film about Peter Dahmen, a German paper engineer, I thought it was worth sharing.



If you want to see more of Dahmen’s work or even try to make one of his designs this weekend, you can find more videos —including tutorials— here.

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There have been a number of changes around here in the past ten days or so. Some of them are temporary, like the snow. Our lovely assistant Kemuri was not impressed.

The other changes (still in progress) are that Byopia Press has bought two new printers. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Sleeping Betty

It’s the beginning of the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada. (Monday the 10th is Thanksgiving Day.) Television stations will be showing a higher proportion of movies aimed at children for the next few days — a brief respite from an October full of horror films leading up to Hallowe’en.

I thought it might be nice to feature something Canadian tonight, so I picked Sleeping Betty from the National Film Board’s on-line offerings. This 2007 animation by  Claude Cloutier offers a slightly twisted (and definitely Canadian) take on the traditional Charles Perrault fairytale.



Here’s hoping nobody has a dangerous encounter with a moose this weekend, even if it’s only the regular kind.

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I am teaching a workshop today entitled Accordion and Fold Books. The last part of the workshop will deal with flexagons, and I thought you might like to play along and make a trihexaflexagon.

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Friday Night Flicks: Chapman and Sons Bookbinders

Today’s video is a short piece on a family-owned bindery in Texas. They are obviously good people as you will note the presence part way through of a lovely assistant who looks a great deal like Kemuri.



I will be teaching a workshop on Sunday. If you aren’t one of the lucky participants learning how to make a variety of accordion and fold books, perhaps you could make one of the projects off my blog this weekend.

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While I Was Away

I have actually been visiting Canada’s Left Coast (British Columbia — mostly Vancouver and area) for the past week. Personal book arts activities were non-existent, but I did find some things that relate to artist’s books on my travels. There were two at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The first was unavoidable as it is a text-based installation by Barbara Kruger in the main rotunda.

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Friday Night Flicks: Bringing a Pop-Up Book to Life

You may recall that Monique Martin and I recently collaborated on a pop-up book called I Love My Love, and entered it in the jurying for Pop-Up Now II at 23 Sandy Gallery.

We have learned that it has been selected for the show, so in celebration here is a Ted Ed video on how to make your own pop-up book with a little bit extra about filming a pop-up with stop-motion animation.



Perhaps you will make a pop-up this weekend. If you want to start simply with a pop-up card, you can find some printable plans with instructions on Robert Sabuda’s website.

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The Cloths of Heaven

Back at the beginning of July, I wrote about one of my entries for weloveyourbooks dot / dash on-line exhibition. I used Hedi Kyle’s panel book structure for my book Over The Hills.

Using the same structure I recently designed and printed two more panel books. They are part of my ongoing series of works inspired by colour-graphemic synesthesia. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: The Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Cookbook

This past Sunday I posted about Putting Up Mangoes, an artist’s book from Convivio Bookworks. Today’s two short videos are promotions for a book which, if not an artist’s book, is still quite artful.

I have been a fan of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies (the fund-raising front for The Ministry of Stories) since their early days, so I could not resist showing their latest fund-raiser here. (If you leave the player running you will get to see four recipes.)



You can read more about the cookbook here. Perhaps you can get hold of a copy this weekend. If you are in North America, the book (with appropriate measurements by volume instead of weight) is called The Monster’s Cookbook, with a release date of September 20, 2016.





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