One Down and One To Go

I have been working on things other than my sewing projects. Another 99 Day Project has been in the works —i.e. the planning stages— for some time, but has been put on hold by things popping up that need to be done now. I am currently planning to begin on June 1. Here’s a teaser.

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Friday Night Flicks: Maud Vantours

Tonight’s short flick looks at the working process of Paris-based paper artist Maud Vantours.



Vantours has a website and an Instagram account.  You might want to spend a few minutes checking out one or both this weekend. You could also read a short article on her work here.

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A Quick and Easy Tool Caddy

I made myself a small tool caddy this week.

Given that I have two work spaces, one upstairs and one down, this falls into the category of things I should have done a long time ago, but didn’t. Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Maya Freelon Asante

Today’s featured paper artist is Maya Freelon Asante. From the text on the Movies on Artists YouTube page:

Bleeding tissue paper bright and brilliant, artist Maya Freelon Asante expands traditional art boundaries and shares her unique mixed-media work around the world. Her unique tissue paper artwork has been described by the International Review of African American Art as “a vibrant, beating assemblage of color.” Her massive tissue paper sculpture Ubuntu is part of the permanent art collection of the US Embassy in Madagascar. She has also exhibited at US Embassies in Italy, Jamaica, Swaziland and the Corcoran Gallery of Art in D.C.



You might want to check out Asante’s website this weekend. There are images of more works and additional videos.


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And now for something completely different …

My fabric stash was recently increased by the purchase of a remnant from Blackbird Fabrics, a cream and black double weave with a bold pattern. It was the inspiration I needed to do some sewing for the first time in several years. My Lovely Assistant Kemuri was an invaluable part of the process.

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Friday Night Flicks: Gail Armstrong

For the month of May, Friday Night Flicks will feature artists working with paper as a medium, beginning with London-based illustrator Gail Armstrong.



I recommend looking at more of Armstrong’s work this weekend on her Illustrationx page or her Instagram account.

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A Card for Mother’s Day but Not Necessarily A Mother’s Day Card

Since Mother’s Day is coming for many readers, here’s a card project that might be suitable for the day, but could be used for any occasion.

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Friday Night Flicks: Lucila Biscione

The final papercut artist for April is Lucila Biscione. This short video by Ayoub Benali shows Biscione at work in her studio and teaching a workshop.



I recommend taking a few minutes out of your weekend to take a closer look at Biscione’s work on her website or her Instagram account or both.

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Still Playing with Squares

This week I spent more time playing with interlocking squares. (If you want to play too, you can download the pdf from last week’s post.)

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Friday Night Flicks: Mia Pearlman

Sometimes people start making paper cut art almost by accident. That’s the case with Mia Pearlman and her cut paper cloudscape installations.



There are more of Pearlman’s paper cut works on her website just waiting for you to check them out this weekend.

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