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How To Make A Woven Book Structure

Today’s post includes a printable pdf and instructions for assembling a book structure I have named Orihime in honour of the heroine of the Tanabata legend. I mentioned on Friday that July 7th, 2017 was the official third anniversary of … Continue reading

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Close, But Not Quite

I got quite a bit of work done on Recomp this week. I also spent quite a bit of time waiting for glue (well, cooked wheat starch paste/PVA mix) to dry. I finished covering the panels in Thai mulberry paper, … Continue reading

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How to make cooked wheat starch paste

I have previously posted my recipe for cooked wheat starch paste in a post about making paste papers and in a post about different kinds of adhesives. Since I was actually making a batch this week I thought I would show … Continue reading

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Closer to Completion

This week I finished the inner boxes for If I could save time in a bottle. Some of the dividers will need straightening when I finally get to the stage of inserting all the labelled bottles.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

There have been a lot of things going on this week, starting with A Day in Davidson. The morning started with Kristina Komendant introducing calligraphy tools and techniques.

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A DIY Easter Bunny

I am posting a day early because tomorrow morning I will be busy cooking turkey and accompaniments for a 1 p.m. Easter Dinner. Yesterday’s Friday Night Flick was my 300th post. In celebration (and because it is seasonally appropriate) here is … Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Origami Turbine —A Paper Spinner

I was looking for inspiration for a DIY project for March, and thinking about wind as the theme, when I came across this video. The paper spinner was designed by David Donahue, and the instructions are presented by Leyla Torres. … Continue reading

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How To Make A Hedi Kyle Panel Book

I have been playing with panel books again. This week it was because I received notice from CBBAG Saskatchewan that the new book swap is officially on. There are 16 participants, and each will produce 16 copies of a particular … Continue reading

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Friday Night Flicks: Paper Repair

Although it is only a month since I posted a video about the restoration of The Chimney Map, I will be talking a little about cleaning and repairing one of my own works in my upcoming Sunday post, so these videos seemed appropriate … Continue reading

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Sir Hornbook

It’s been a while since I posted about one of my early books. Sir Hornbook was created for a local book arts guild swap in 2006. The structure assigned for the swap was “scroll”, which I didn’t find very exciting so … Continue reading

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