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Patience is a Virtue

The temperature in my studio can change quite drastically between day and night. Humidity levels also shift. Paper can move considerably with either (or both) of those changes. As a result, some of the corners on the support structure for … Continue reading

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Many Little Menko

My evening project for the past week (alternating with knitting to give my hands a change, if not a rest) has been folding more little menko.

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I’ve Looked At Clouds

I have a number of cloud-related memories. Here are a couple. When I was seven or eight I discovered that rain clouds have edges. (I grew up in urban environments where one only sees a small bit of the sky … Continue reading

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Working in Squares

The square is the recurring design unit for all the planned works for my solo exhibition in 2020. I made some test units this week from some of the dictionary pages I have backed and coloured.

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Road Trip (with knitting)

Early this week I finally put together my ‘good’ copy of the Magic Wallet.

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Making A Moon Phases Calendar

I returned last night (rather later than the airline predicted) from my trip to Toronto, so it will be a short post today. The trip had several highlights including seeing Impulso by the Esmerelda Enrique Spanish Dance Company. Since you … Continue reading

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Rust Prints and Playtime

I finished the last of the straight-pin rust prints this week. I ironed the prints and then scanned them. The last step (for now) was to process the images in Photoshop.

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I have been playing another ‘game’ found via the Internet. Lydia Rink put out a call for people to create pages which she plans to assemble into a collaborative artists’ book. Here’s a detail of one side of my page. … Continue reading

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Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

It may seem odd to start a (mostly) bookbinding blog post with an image of a vegetable peeler, but there is a reason. Peter Verheyen recently wrote a post titled Bookbinding and Adapting to Life Changes in which he describes … Continue reading

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A Little Bit About A Lot Of Things

I am currently working on two projects which I can’t show you as they are planned entries in a juried competition. In the unlikely event that one or other of the jurors should stumble across this blog, it would rather … Continue reading

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