Byopia Press Advent Calendar 2022: Day Ten and Some Flower Balls

Today’s ornament is a close relative of the one I posted on December 1.

The individual units were designed by arranging three circles around a triangle.

Print out the three-petal template on card stock, then score the outlines of the triangles. (The dashed pink line in the image below shows one side of a triangle.)

If you find slide-together units too hard to work with, you can just cut out your units at this stage, fold the flaps towards the good side, and glue the flaps together to form your ornament. Here’s the beginning of an ornament done that way. (Please ignore the slits. I had cut slits in all my units before I remembered to take this picture.)

You can use the circles from Day One to make a similar ornament with twenty units.

If you want to make slide-together ornaments, cut the interior slits shown on the printout before folding the flaps up.

Here are some prepared units.

To make the large ornament you will need twenty units. I used three colours of card stock in an attempt to make clearer illustrations. Start assembling your ornament by connecting five units. Here they are from the top.

This is what the inside should look like.

When you need to connect two sides of a unit, get both sides started, then gently rotate the new piece (yellow in this case) into position.

Attach a row of ten units —the interior triangles will alternate point down and point up— to your first group of five.

Make a second group of five units and attach it to the available flaps. Again, get all the connections started before rotating the five-unit section clockwise into place. You will probably have to work around the circle of joins a couple of times before everything is seated correctly.

Adjust the flaps to your satisfaction —some may need to be farther apart, some closer together— and then make sure that all your slits are in their proper place.

You can also make smaller eight-unit ornaments. Make two four-unit pieces, then connect them as shown above.

Tomorrow: Day Eleven and Two Cakes

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3 Responses to Byopia Press Advent Calendar 2022: Day Ten and Some Flower Balls

  1. lcmt says:

    I really want to try this, and the ornament from Day One. I want to cut them out of pages from the sketchbook in which I practice asemic writing. Except I keep drawing masks, and I think ornament-making will have to wait until the compulsion for mask-making fades.


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